Why Would Anyone Do The Work of Byron Katie?

question your thinking, change your entire life
question your thinking, change your entire life

The other day I was interviewed for a program in well-being and I got a great and simple question….why does The Work….work?

Why do The Work at all?

Why offer programs teaching others how to do The Work? Why find partners to talk about your beliefs who are willing and interested in questioning them? Why keep asking what’s true, and who you’d be without your thought?

Why question your stressful thoughts?

Because when I have done this, over time, without giving up or quitting….

….my view of the world has become bigger, shining, mysterious, joyful….

….and so has my life.

I’ve fel Limitless Joy. Unbounded success.

A sense of positivity and love for this world and what humanity is capable of that’s full of wonder, energy and creativity.

Realization. Waking up out of the trance and drama of living in fear about everything, and being so self-centered and stuck.


That’s pretty seriously amazing reasons for doing The Work, right?

But I had no idea this is where it would lead when I first began.

Initially, the reason I came in to The Work when I read Loving What Is, by Byron Katie was because I longed to feel peaceful.

I wanted to feel deeply content. To understand my purpose.

Something inside of me knew that it might not be my life I was finding so stressful….but my own mind.

I knew I had a pretty remarkable life, actually. I had shelter, opportunities, support, a cute house, a great education.

But my own thinking was torturous. It felt addictive. I had been in terrible pain as a teenager, practically suicidal. I developed an eating disorder and had a part of me that was so frightened, bitter, cynical and critical, it was shocking.

When I read Byron Katie’s words that suggested my own mind was the creator of my suffering…..I was stunned.

I recognized the truth of that comment.

It wasn’t other people, difficult circumstances, or trauma that created suffering.

It was me telling sad and frightening stories to myself about a lot of really important things, people and events in my life.

No wonder I was such a wreck.

Questioning your thoughts is not just a tool, or a gimmick, or a punchy kind of way to apply force to negative thinking.

It’s really deep and powerful clarity around how you live your life on a daily basis.

And even more than clarity?

It’s how to have everything you ever wanted with integrity, joy and adventure.

Yes, it’s that big.

Why do I love doing The Work?

Because the longer I do it, the more I do it, the more expansive my world has become.

I’m no longer trying to get through life as best as possible, avoiding problems, managing as best I can.

I feel a deep ecstasy within that is beyond what I ever thought possible.

Why wouldn’t I want to share it? And see other humans also light up with awareness and freedom?

The other day when I was teaching my mini retreat that happens quarterly on a Saturday afternoons here in north Seattle in the USA, I said to all the people who came “there’s nothing I’d rather be doing on a Saturday afternoon than gathering with others to do The Work”. 

I really meant it.

My favorite experience is gathering with others to grow, learn, see what’s present.

“So work on what your mind will work on. And watch the mind disassemble itself where it’s able to. That would be living like a kind human being, to just work on what the mind CAN work on. And each time you do that, the mind begins to open up, until pretty soon the things that were like cement are like the ones you started with. Mind begins to trust that what it is without its story is not an unsafe thing to be–is not an unsafe experience.” ~ Byron Katie

Here’s the thing.

You. Can. Do. This.

The Work is available for free. It’s just four questions, and then finding the turnarounds, to your painful beliefs. All you need is a pen and paper.

If you need help, it appears this has become my job and I teach classes and workshops and retreats–I am the luckiest person ever.

Love, Grace

P.S. Two wonderful classes coming soon to help you dive with greater support into your inquiry process:


*Relationship Hell To Heaven – Tuesdays 5:15-6:45 March 23-May 12, 2015. $395. Start with one person you’re having the greatest trouble with and we’ll inquire. Can you imagine being without your repetitive stress on this person in your life?


*Desire and The Work – Thursdays 8:30-10 am Pacific Time April 2-May 14, 2015 (no class April 30). $325. In five important areas of life, we find our objections and then we find our deepest desires. We question what blocks us from clarity and success. What excitement!


To register or if you have questions, hit reply.

4 Replies to “Why Would Anyone Do The Work of Byron Katie?”

  1. Phew, thankyou Carmen–quote is fixed now. Katie is referring to thoughts you worked on that were easy when you started out, the ones that presented themselves for inquiry, and how harder ones appear when you’re ready.

  2. Dear Grace,

    Thank you for this note, I always absolutely love to read about your personal journey doing The Work.

    I was wondering if there is a word missing in this sentence from the quote of Katie, where I put the dots: the things that were like cement are like the ….. you started with.

    I notice my mind can be a bit scared sometimes, wondering what the world would be like without all the stories. So I find this quote very comforting.

  3. Yay, would be wonderful to have you! What time works best? I have others in Europe also who like 8:30 Pacific as it’s 5:30 for them as it’s perfect after-work hour–but it would help to know what time you would like it to meet. Let me know your favorite hour and I’ll see what I can do! (no obligation of course). –Much love, Grace

  4. Dear Grace,
    Is there a way that you can offer the Desire teleclass also on a different schedule?
    I would be interested in enrolling if the timetable were more accessible for inquirers/callers located in Western Europe.
    Thank you very much and love,

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