Un-Mother’s Day Un-Expected Freedom

peace whatever happens

Yesterday I so loved all the people I had contact with. There were a LOT.

One group was an afternoon meetup I hosted in my little cottage, open to anyone interested in doing The Work and learning more about it.

People came, curious about The Work, how to do it, wondering if they’re doing it right, noticing the difficulty with doing The Work on their own when they’re alone.

The front door of my cottage was propped open with sweet spring smells wafting in from a sunny afternoon, fresh mowed lawn, the Judge Your Neighbor worksheets in a stack with a cup of pens nearby, clipboards, tea in the kitchen.

Earlier yesterday in the morning, I was ALSO spending time with people.

For that session, it was via teleconference wearing my headset, facilitating people through a two hour session identifying stressful thoughts about money (we’re continuing our money sessions for two more Sunday mornings) and then inquiring.

Now, here’s the deal.

I completely forgot it was Mother’s Day when I scheduled these things.

I also forgot, when I got the idea to schedule the conference call on Money, that I ALREADY was doing The Work all afternoon with people who came to the meetup.

So there I was a couple of days ago realizing…..oh.

Well, lookie at that!

I’m doing The Work all morning, for a whole meeting in the afternoon, and pretty much doing nothing that’s official for “Mother’s Day”!

I saw the thoughts coming along the ticker-tape of the mind:

  • I should be doing stuff with my kids
  • Why don’t I pay closer attention to my calendar
  • Really?
  • Aren’t you trying to work less, not more?
  • I should care more about Mother’s Day
  • People won’t show up anyway, because it’s Mother’s Day
  • So who would I be without any thought about Mother’s Day and what it was supposed to mean or involve, or what was supposed to be remembered, or forgotten?

What if all was well, exactly as it went?

Because it was.

Exquisitely well.

Fun people, wonderful connections, a remarkable joy of being with humanity in such deep and profound ways.

Noticing what a spectacular day I had yesterday.

I turned all the thoughts around…almost as they arose, to be honest.

  • I saw my son and daughter, both, the previous day for a fantastic late breakfast at 2 pm….we went to one of my favorite old restaurants they had never been to since they were little
  • Apparently, not paying close attention to my calendar is not really a problem
  • Yes, really
  • That wasn’t work, that was play
  • It’s fabulous to not care about Mother’s Day, and just enjoy whatever happens
  • More people showed up than for the last several meetups (we had nine–a fabulous number) and 21 showed up for the teleconference. It was AWESOME.
Who would you be without the thought that you need it to be a different schedule than it is….or go a different way?
Such freedom and lightness. This life is sooooo very entertaining!
“There are two ways you can live: you can devote your life to staying in your comfort zone, or you can work on your freedom. In other words, you can devote your whole life to the process of making sure everything fits within your limited model, or you can devote your life to freeing yourself from the limits of your model.” ~ Michael Singer

Much love,


3 Replies to “Un-Mother’s Day Un-Expected Freedom”

  1. You are so welcome dear. I consider you a neighbor wherever you are, a neighbor of life and of this world….and one who has shared sleeplessness because of thoughts. Once, when having trouble sleeping at an event with Katie, she said “How do you know you’re supposed to be awake? You are!” and then went on to suggest that might be a perfect time to do The Work. I was up in the bathroom, so as not to disturb my roommate, sitting on the closed-lid toilet, writing out my “work” on my stressful thoughts. It was difficult, but powerful. Much love, Grace

  2. I was reading your note today Grace wishing I lived on your street;-).

    I spent all last night not sleeping because of “thoughts” that always descend on me involving anything related to extended “family”. There seem to be some “thoughts” that are more tenacious and rooted than others, that are almost impossibly knee jerk…..even when being an avid student on “thoughts”.

    Other thoughts are totally life serving like living in a totally different dusty conservative little town and still, smelling the wind carrying the wonderfully timeless scent of lilacs….like mowing the lawn twice because it just looks so nice to see green again….to allowing the front door open to let the spring breeze through the front door.

    Still, and all, I’d love to be a neighbour on your street……I’d bring the fresh mint tea!

    Thanks Grace, for all you do,

  3. Thank you Grace, I always hear what I need to, and you make my life a better one by tuning my consciousness to what matters…re-focus, and I can let the fear go…for today. Kxx

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