The Work of Byron Katie Living Turnarounds Group

supportAre you local to the northwest (within driving distance of Seattle) and looking for a way to do The Work in a group with the guidance of an experienced facilitator of The Work?

Join the small private deep divers Living Turnarounds Group meeting monthly on Sunday afternoons from 2-6 pm in north Seattle at Goldilocks Cottage (Grace’s home and place of work).

To sign up for a group, please use the link here. If you haven’t attended before, please write to Grace first at

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A special bonus is reading the new book “A Mind At Home With Itself” by Byron Katie and sharing together this astonishing work over the course of the year, doing our own work with the inspiration of the material within.

Advanced Beginner to Experienced people are all welcome to attend. This group will be closed to new drop-in folks. (You can come to quarterly meetups if you’re interested in checking out the location and inquiry with Grace–please see and look for The Work of Byron Katie North Seattle).

What does a “Living Turnarounds” Group mean?

Well, in doing The Work of Byron Katie, you’ll know that the very last step of questioning your thoughts….is to turn them around.

We’re finding the very opposite of our original stressful belief, and not using it like an affirmation (unless this brings you joy) but instead sitting with each turnaround, no matter how weird it feels or sounds, and considering in this world of duality how it could be as true, or truer, and what it would look like if we “lived” or felt this way.

Sometimes the Turnarounds bring remarkable ah-ha’s, lightbulbs, awareness of what you DO have power to change or “be”, in a really loving and excited way.

Maybe you even discover where you need to make amends, to another person, or to yourself, so you bring the past to a close and you can stop regurgitating it, stop thinking about it constantly, stop trying to make it right….because you’ve done your best, and it’s now over.

When I was going through a separation and divorce, I did The Work fairly frequently on the thoughts I was experiencing that produced enormous fear about my life in the future.

I can’t do this alone, I’m abandoned, I’m lost, I’m a failure, I’m worthy of being left, I’m not able to earn enough money, I did it wrong, I’m lonely.

As I did The Work on this over time, day after day (I did The Work about three times a day during that period over ten years ago) I would find turnarounds that “clicked”.

Sometimes they scared me.

They looked like this: I can do this alone, I’m set free, I’m found, I’m a success, I’m worthy of being enjoyed, I’m able to earn enough money, I did it right, I’m connected.

I had to concentrate with my mind to find examples of each turnaround.

How could they be just as true, or truer, than my original stressful thought?

It might have felt shaky and not very confident, but I would get a different feeling inside my body, at a very deep level, as I found the turnarounds to be just as true. Why not?

Then I would consider, as I felt the new, alive, excited, fearless, thrilled, relaxed or more stable awareness within….

….how would I live this?

What could I do, say, be, think, feel, in order to live this turnaround?

What would it look like?

How would I go through my day, with the new awareness, the new feeling, living a turnaround that I was safe, creative, and able? That maybe this was an exciting changing time of wonder and joy? That I could earn enough to support myself on my own?

I signed up for a Qigong class. I took a women’s workshop on human sexuality. I enrolled in a program on women’s empowerment and joy. A friend told me about something called Ecstatic Dance where you could dance however you like without talking to anyone (I went).

I invited people I knew who were musicians over to sing together like I had done long ago (lots of piano and guitar playing and singing in my past, and I hadn’t done it for years) and called it Sing Thing. I began applying for jobs and figured out where I have something to offer, even though I had not been working full time for ten years.

My life began to blossom, to become more than it had ever been prior to this “terrible” thing called the process of divorce.

Who would YOU be without your story?

This is not a matter, I found, of making a list and “doing” it. Like setting goals you think you “should” achieve or do.

These new joys came to me because of inquiring into my deepest, most painful thoughts about what was happening….the worst that was happening.

And then feeling what it was actually like to live in this body without that thought.

There are some wonderful questions you can contemplate to help you find barriers to living the life you want, your immunity to change, the inner reasons you don’t “live” the way you think would bring you peace.

When I investigated….

….*Ping*….the idea would come to talk to a friend about energy and physical movement, and I’d be led down a road with tiny sweet breadcrumbs to “I know someone who teaches a class starting next week, you’d fit right in”.

“When we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.” ~ Byron Katie

Living Turnarounds group meets Sundays 3-6 pm northeast Seattle in Goldilocks Cottage (my house). We’ll meet once a month through June 2018. You can pay as you go.

We’ll do The Work on what stands between you and living a simple, fluid, kind and fearless life, in any area you truly desire.

The fee for this private group will be $50 per session.

Group Dates:

  • October 8, 2017
  • November 12, 2017
  • December 17, 2017
  • January 7, 2018
  • February 11, 2018
  • March 11, 2018
  • April 8, 2018
  • May 6, 2018
  • June 10, 2018