Money: Loving Your Story

Moving out of the wasteland of confusion with Money
Moving out of the wasteland of confusion with Money

Money: Is There A Problem?  Identify What You Believe About Money, Work or Business That Keeps You From Feeling Peace….And Question It

Ready to sign up right now? This year we’re beginning 2018 with a special TEN WEEK money inquiry course: Mondays Jan 22 – March 26, 2018 Noon-1:30 pm Pacific Time. Click the Buy button to register.

This Money TeleCourse is offered by donation sliding scale suggestion $250-$525 US for ten weeks. We know some have very little to offer. If you’re able to offer more to cover someone else’s fee, thank you. We need a minimum amount to run this course, to cover expenses. Ask yourself what feels right for you (notice if it feels stressful–a good clue for upcoming inquiry on money). Join me!

So, what will this money course cover? (For the course curriculum, keep reading or scroll to the end).

One of the most difficult steps in understanding the pain and stress around money is….identifying what the stressful beliefs actually are, so you can take them through inquiry.

We begin simply.

Thoughts about money appear in the mind regularly like….”I need more” or “There’s never quite enough” or “it could be terrible in the future without money” or “I didn’t have enough once, and it was awful.”

These thoughts produce anxiety, frustration or disappointment. Sometimes we’re terrified.

If you’re angry, upset, sad, anxious or scared about money, you can find immense relief by questioning your thoughts about it.

Wealthy people and people with very low income have all done this inquiry work on money.

This is about your internal wealth and abundance….when you DON’T feel it….and questioning your suffering. Abundance and wealth doesn’t have to appear in the form of money. You may feel pain about other people and the way they are with their money, your money, their requests for money. You may feel jealousy of others with money. You may feel bad about not having enough money, or scared for other people who don’t have enough.

This is about noticing when you’re disturbed, when you feel concern and lack of trust.

Who would we be without our stories about money, in the situations we’ve encountered?

People find when they question their needs, wants, scarcity, loss and fears….they find immense relief and freedom. A world without demanding that money do anything in order to be happy.

And then, beyond relief, into abundance, celebration, and joy.

Miracles could happen. Why not?

You may discover that what’s here already….is already a miracle.

Let’s do The Work right now, to explore a story about money we find stressful.

What do you remember the people around you saying about money when you were a kid? What did you mother say, do, think, feel about money? What did your father say, do, think, feel about money? What conflicts did you notice arising around you about money?

Write these down. This will be the beginning of identifying stressful moments encountering money. When we have our moments of proof about how uncomfortable (or horrible) it was with money…we’ve got our situations for inquiry.

We can then ask four questions, and dissect, explore and understand our viewpoints so much better. When we understand more clearly, our attitudes, feelings and perspectives change. When this awareness comes, and our attitude feels different….we act differently. Our behavior aligns itself with a more simple less dramatic experience of reality.

Who knows what can happen as our feelings and experiences change. It can seem quite miraculous.

I used to feel *horrible* about my capacity to earn, and full of disdain about the system. I hated that I wanted more money, that I even needed it.

I wanted peace around money, which appears to flow in and out for everyone. I was desperate for security, and I wanted to feel much more gentle when it came to just THINKING about money.

I knew I felt stress when it came to just about anything that had to do with money: working for it, saving it, spending it, donating it, or getting bills.

I knew that this stress was a reminder that I was believing tons of painful thoughts. My story about money and earning was serious, frustrating, and discouraging.

Even when I had some money, I was worried about it going away, and needing more later.

I studied Law of Attraction and read every book I could find about getting money, attracting money, finding money, receiving money, earning money….but not much changed.

Until I began to question all the effort, clearly identify my beliefs, one by one, and bring them to investigation. (The tool I used, as thousands of people do, is called The Work of Byron Katie).

Now, money has changed so very much, that it has become like a loving, fun, generous, kind friend. Money, and everything I apparently do to bring it into my life, is ultimately easy, sweet and steady. Even if sometimes I’m telling myself it isn’t.

The thing that has changed, is my thinking.

When I question my most fearful beliefs about money, my business, my work, and my ideas about how these all work together….low and behold, everything is easier around money and work.

Now, I love gathering with other inquirers to support everyone doing what I find most helpful myself: find peace when it comes to thinking about money, the flow of money coming and going, running my business, and working.

Here are some common thoughts I’ve heard around work and money, that I’ve believed:

  • I need at least a million dollars saved up for retirement
  • I HATE promoting my stuff
  • I’m not good enough to make it really that big
  • I need to take more classes and get more training
  • People need to be convinced my work, the job I do, the service or product I produce is fantastic
  • There’s never, never, never enough time!
  • I hate that I have to work
  • Jobs are boring prisons
  • If I DO have money, people will be very jealous
  • I wish we could all live without money altogether

I love the last solution: let’s live without money completely. The mind loves all or nothing, or breaking out of our shell of beliefs so much, it will swing to any and every and opposite solutions, for freedom (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

There’s no requirement to give money up, give it away, not want it ever, not use it, get more of it, hoard it…or anything stressful we do with money. We can have a balanced, mature relationship with it.

Peace is totally and completely possible for us when it comes to money and how we receive or earn it! And when we experience peace, our whole world of money, work, exchange and business can change.

“For some of us, life is controlled by our thoughts about work and money. But if our thinking is clear, how could work or money be a problem? Our thinking is all we need to change. It’s all we CAN change. This is very good news.” ~ Byron Katie in Loving What Is

The power and joy offered in group inquiry can support our growth, freedom and creativity into knowing that where we are is perfect and where we’re going is wonderful.

I never would have believed this much peace
 was possible a few years back, before I got deep 
into The Work and gradually quit trying so hard to succeed.

Now I know that doing activity for others in order to gather money, whether as an employee or as a business owner, is an incredible learning opportunity for freedom, joy and happiness.

I have felt the opposite when it came to money and work. I lost every penny, watching my bank account dwindle down to absolutely nothing as I went through a divorce and couldn’t find work. I used my credit card to pay for everything, borrowed from relatives, and almost lost my house. I considered food stamps since I was eligible for them, and had no health or dental insurance for two years. My kids had to go on Reduced Lunch at their schools. I went to job interviews dreading the outcome, extremely anxious.

Even though I had been a counselor with a private practice part-time, I began to feel totally inadequate offering this service if I couldn’t earn a decent living doing it. I hated marketing my services and talking about myself. I was terrified.

“You can take any job, anytime, and except for your belief systems, money is not a problem. You can work in a hamburger joint and make minimum wage. And if you just hold on to your integrity, without any beliefs about how that should look, eventually you could own the whole chain. Because we’re attracted to that kind of integrity, and money can’t buy it, so we will give you anything to be in your presence”. —-Byron Katie in Question Your Thinking, Change The World

It’s impossible and exhausting believing that jobs are an imposition, or that you are not capable or good enough to do what you do, or that people will criticize your services.

Questioning your beliefs about Earning Money, Having Money, Needing Money and Working can allow you to see that you are enough, and that even just a small course correction of 1 degree in your attitude and your thinking can change your entire future.

Now I generally feel WITH INQUIRY as peaceful as a gentle ocean breeze in the eye of a hurricane, and the hurricane I discovered actually doesn’t exist! This is a wonderful place to be in the middle of business-as-usual. I’m not ALWAYS peaceful 24/7….money is a powerful energy for the mind to project onto, and I have my moments of thinking I need it to be different….

….but now I know what to do with my thoughts about money. Business and Money are are now fun, almost 100% of the time. And when they aren’t, I do The Work. Join me!

Moving Beyond Fear and Depression in Business:
“Through Grace and her class, I confronted my issues with marketing my business with patience, ease and self-compassion. She helped me open up to all my fears and depression over this issue and move beyond that without pressure and impatience. I learned so much from this course. I highly recommend it. It helped me understand that real freedom is not a how-to-do-it job. It is through being with myself as I am that I can find all the love and enthusiasm I relish from life. Results came out of who I was being, not in doing it “right” or through “effort.”– Ben, New York City


WEEK 1: Let’s start at the beginning with what we fear right now. What thoughts run through our heads about money? How do we begin this practice?

WEEK 2: What’s your most stressful moment with money you can remember?

WEEK 3: Early education about money. We’ll identify what dad said, did and felt about money.

WEEK 4: Early education continued. We’ll identify what mom said, did and felt about money.

WEEK 5: Common beliefs and quips about money. There are many tell-tale sayings about money such as “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. We’ll look at many of these, and wonder about how our own beliefs have been affected by these warnings or pieces of advice. What do you believe you need to do to “get” money?

WEEK 6: The connection between money and spirit, or a greater mysterious reality. What does it mean to receive, to give, to ask, to be in need? We’ll identify our stressful thoughts about giving and receiving. What does it feel like I need to do, say, or be like in order to receive or give money?

WEEK 7: Asking and being asked are deeply stressful. What happens for you when someone asks you for money? What about when you want to ask for it yourself? What feels YUCK about buying, or selling? How is this trading of money for something of value stressful?

WEEK 8: What’s wrong with wealthy people? Let’s identify what it means to be wealthy and what’s frightening about that.

WEEK 9: What’s wrong with being poor, or lacking, or in need? Identifying and questioning our fears about not having enough.

WEEK 10: What’s the worst that could happen in the future when it comes to money? Some of our deepest fears and longings appear in our imagined future. Let’s find out how to work with these, in the present without swinging to “I don’t care at all” or “I need to be very careful”.

Email me any time to ask about upcoming classes in Money, or to schedule a solo session. I’m happy to talk with you for a shorter conversation (no charge) and I also offer scholarship help to folks in need.

The button below is for when you’re ready to register and investigate, with loving support and insights from others along the journey. This course I offer in service of freedom. Please pay what you feel is right (notice your stressful thoughts if you aren’t sure how much to pay). Everyone is welcome here.

All classes will be recorded, so if you miss one, you can listen in later. There will be one assignment for each week to inspire, trigger and bring awareness to your beliefs about money. You’ll be able to connect with others in partner work (optional but highly encouraged) plus a group private secret forum for everyone to share written work, questions, and insights along the way.

All you need to join the calls is a phone or computer (skype works, too). You’ll receive instructions on how to join a few days before we begin, via email. We’ll be using Instant Teleseminar.

All sharing will be done on the simple SLACK forum, a fun and special entirely private (and off facebook) way for a group to connect. Everyone will receive a brief simple training on how to connect to slack.

Ready to join this adventure in money?

Sign up here for this unusually longer ten week course for 2018.

Again here’s our curriculum:

  • Week 1: Identifying My Biggest Beliefs About Money
  • Week 2: I Want More Money – Is this belief painful and when did you first have it?
  • Week 3: Family of Origin (FOO) awareness of money (dad, mom, grandparents, aunts and uncles, other influencers)
  • Week 4: FOO Continued
  • Week 5: Common teachings about money. Trading my time, effort and service for money. What do I resent?
  • Week 6: How does money relate to my spiritual world and integrity? Trading my money for service, needs, desires. What feels impossible, or like a stretch?
  • Week 7: Selling and Buying, Asking and Receiving – What’s most disturbing?
  • Week 8: Wealthy People
  • Week 9: Poor People- Let’s look at other people and what it means about these labels
  • Week 10: What’s the Worst That Could Happen? What am I most afraid of when it comes to money?

This Money TeleCourse 2018 is offered by donation sliding scale suggestion $250-$525 US for ten weeks. We know some have very little to offer. If you’re able to offer more to cover someone else’s fee, thank you. We need a minimum amount to run this course, to cover expenses. Can’t wait to do The Work with you.

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  1. Some people are indeed signing up for participating, but by listening to the recordings. You’re very welcome to do this if you like! :)

  2. Hello Grace.
    I will not be able to attend, how can people receive the recordings?
    Thank you, xoxo.

  3. Yes, love having you in Year of Inquiry and I’ll set it to a time that works in Europe next time, I tend to switch back and forth and last time it was in a morning Pacific time :) Probably in the summer! You can always send me your favorite time and I’ll take that into account. xoxo Grace

  4. Dear Grace,
    I’d love to take the course but the pm schedule is a difficult one for me in Europe. Better luck next time. In the meantime, happy to continue with the YOI groups, xo, Ludo

  5. Hi Daniel! Thanks for the question!! I do have one open session that was recorded on money using The Work, where participants were fine with being recorded and shared. I’ll track that down and post it so you can listen. –Grace

  6. Dear Grace,
    I am interested in this course but I will be travelling in August and so I cannot take it now.
    Are you going to have more courses on money in the future?
    Thank you and love, Ludo

  7. Fabulous, Ariene. It is Pacific time–thanks for asking, I usually try to include that. So it will be 8:15 pm for you. I hope that works.-Grace

  8. Hi Grace!
    Your Next class: on Money on Wednesdays April 16-June 4, 2014 5:15-6:45 pm via Telephone or skype is based on what time zone. I am in Eastern Canada.
    Thanks! I’d love to partake!

  9. Rosie, thank you so much for the encouragement!! I am going to do this, absolutely. We always only use first names, and I’ve done the class so many times now, that I could use different recordings from entirely different groups, so I am putting this together soon. I so appreciate your asking, it reminds me how much people want this….and I know it makes such a huge difference. It has for me! :) Stay tuned.

  10. Hi Grace,
    Being in Australia, this course is on about 3am my time. PLEASE provide a download package ASAP, I SO would love to do this program. I know from other programs I have used in this way that it really is just as good as being there, the learning possible is wonderful. Perhaps if your participants agree to only use their first names it would work for privacy, many other facilitators of different modalities do this. It would add an income stream for you too! good leverage.
    love Rosie

  11. This is great Kevin, Yes!! That is an excellent moment or situation to write the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet on and find out all the thoughts that appear in that moment that are stressful. Thanks for the suggestion.

  12. If I can make a suggestion for a topic.

    “Working with family reactions to me being unemployed”

    Those “little comments”, “slight looks”, actions by close family and friends that feel like “punishments” for being unemployed. I’m dealing with these, and as there are no new thoughts, some of your attendees may be as well.

    Just something to think about.

    Kev x

  13. Fantastic idea Kevin. Others have wanted this as well, the option to download and listen later. I’ve hesitated before because of confidentiality and keeping the identity of all people very private, but I am going to get participant’s permission to package the recordings, so yes, this is coming. I think it will help you enormously :) It’s great to have the inquiries right there to hear, especially when looking for work or when worries about money are heightened. –Grace

  14. Will this be available for download at a later date?
    I don’t have a job at the moment but when I do I’d like to sign up and the timing will be off for the UK

  15. Hi Kaki,
    Funny you should ask as I was just going through my calendar this morning getting ready to schedule it! I’ve had two other people also ask about this class timing. I am thinking as early as April 2nd. Possibly evening, since I did morning this current term.–Grace

  16. Yes, it is true if there isn’t any money…I think the next part is, is it true that it is TERRIBLE to have no money? Many people will think yes, it is terrible to have none. But there are some advantages to having none!

  17. seeing as how i’m not a millionaire, gazillionaire, or even a thousandaire or even a hundradaire i would say yes it is true. i don’t have money. lol

  18. Hey Grace –
    you are cooking right along, girlfriend. Bravo!
    I’d like to sign up for the business and money teleclass starting at the end of September. I’m just sending a quick email now, to ‘reserve my place’ and take action on this. And will get out my credit card in the next week or so and officially sign up.

    love to you,

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