How To Be A Happy Parent

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Help! I’m A Terrible (Wonderful) Mom or Dad! 

Does the thought of being a fully happy, peaceful, wise, clear parent feel like a nearly impossible scenario? Do you find you feel troubling emotions when it comes to your kid(s)?

Start Questioning Your Stressful Beliefs NOW By Clicking The Download Button Here To Get the free PDF Workbook “How To Be A Happy Parent” and identify what you’re actually believing that affects your parenting life.

Download the Parenting Thoughts workbook by clicking HERE.

I’ve put in the top most stressful beliefs I’ve heard repeatedly (and that I myself had) when unhappy parents are interacting with their kids.

Parenting can be one of the most stressful experiences of life….when you’re believing the thoughts you learned growing up, the thoughts you have about your kids and your influence on them (if you’re worried about it) or your thoughts about what is necessary for your kids to succeed in the world.

Listen here to a radio interview I did with the wonderful Donna Markussen of Your Inspired Truth by clicking here:

 Radio Show With Grace Bell “they should clean their rooms!”

Would you like to let go of some of your painful thoughts, and relax and enjoy your role as a parent?

One of the quickest ways to relief, patience, calm and joy in parenting is to identify your thoughts, question them (the painful ones) and turn them all around.

Peaceful Parenting
Peaceful Parenting

If you’re wanting help to dive deeper into your own personal thoughts about your parenting, your kids and your unique work….then write and we can set up a time to talk. You may also want to sign up for a parenting teleclass, which I teach periodically, with a small group of others.

Use this button here if you are enrolling in a parenting teleclass or solo sessions in The Work on parenting.

The Happy Parent Teleclass may be perfect for you if you’re wanting to gather with a very small group on the phone together and be guided gently into clearly identifying what you believe that creates uncomfortable moments in your life.

Sometimes….questioning your beliefs about kids and how you interact with them can change far more than your relationship with THEM.

You might discover other ways you feel the same powerlessness, your capacity to say no in your life, your feelings of loss or emptiness, your ideas about love.

It’s an amazing doorway into the inner world, and the way you think about life overall.

Here’s the class topics, for 8 sessions:

Class 1: Judge Your Child – Get those embarrassing thoughts out on paper…it’s not really about your kid, and you can admit them here

Class 2: When They Say No, When I Say No, and Marshmallow Moments – One of the most powerful areas of inquiry…Saying No. How it feels, why it hurts or feels scary, when you want to do it but don’t, what you think it really means.

Class 3: Judge Your Mother’s Parenting – Take a look at how your own mother parented you, what you thought was missing, what you adopted, what you’d rather not believe anymore…the qualities you notice here, taken to inquiry, may turn the way you are around

Class 4: Judge Your Father’s Parenting – Look at your father’s approach to parenting, break it down, see how it affects your choices today and take this to inquiry…and find a new way

Class 5: When My child suffers emotionally or physically – What happens when they get hurt? End your agony here, through inquiry, so you can be efficient and powerful when they’re going through pain

Class 6: Helicopter Moments — I Need To Hover, Follow, Rescue – When you’re wanting to know anything and everything about their lives, are you operating from fear?

Class 7: Dictator Moments – This Must Be Stopped, Forced, Disciplined – When you feel like overpowering, when rage arises, when you want to punish…what’s going on?

Class 8: The Most Terrible Awful Thing That Could Happen – When you’re terrified of visions of what can happen with your kids, how can you learn to relax instead of freak out? Here’s how.


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  1. Thanks for asking Annabelle! I am indeed, it will be January at earliest. I’ve had quite a few requests over past several months. If you feel inclined, you can write back your favorite day/time of the week. –Grace

  2. Hi Grace,

    Also wondering if you are going to be doing a parenting workshop anytime soon.

    Thank you,

  3. Woo hoo! I haven’t taught it in awhile and it is so much fun, and powerful. You would be AWESOME! I will set the date soon–any “best times” and days you like a lot?

  4. Yes it will include teens Nancy!! Lordy! :) I will post within the next 10 days about when we will be doing the parenting teleclass program. I plan on doing it starting in January. Glad you’re interested and I hope you’ll be able to participate.

  5. Thanks so much for letting me know! Yes, I would love to teach the Parenting class this fall. If I can gather 8 people then wonderful but I am happy to teach it with 6 so I will make a note that you’re a possible participant! Nice to hear from you. Be sure to get on the email list for upcoming dates as I will likely announce any classes there first, including the Parenting one.

  6. Hi Grace,
    Wondering if you are going to be doing a parenting workshop or tele seminar anytime soon. If so, I would love to be a part of it.

    Thank you,

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