6 Telecourses To Change Your Thinking

Welcome to Inquiry and Dissolving Your Entire Belief System that causes trouble!

Welcome to Telecourses with Grace.  We use The Work of Byron Katie and self-inquiry to get to the heart of our stressful thinking and question it.

Click on the Links below for each teleclass to read about the topic, learn how the Work can change your relationship and experience with this topic, or to register for the next class! Be sure to sign up for Grace Notes if you want to be alerted to the next teleclasses when they are scheduled.

Eating Peace Core Teleclass: 6 or 8 weeks, click the link to see when the next one runs.

Money: I Love This Story: Finding Out What We Believe About Money, Work & Business That Keeps Anxiety Alive

Our Wonderful Romance & Sexuality: Untangling the Passion, Attraction, Love, Past Terrors, Future Worries, Fear, Confusion, Tenderness, & Joyful Intimacy  (write grace@workwithgrace.com to get on the list of interested people in this dynamic and powerful course–once we have enough people, another will be schedule).                                            

Turning Relationship Hell To Heaven: Working With Painful Hate, Anger, Fury, Despair, Grief, or Disappointment With Someone You Know

Pain, Sickness and DeathFinding Peace With The Worst That Can Happen  


You will be enrolled in a tele course where you’re the student of your thinking, your feelings, and your life. You are watching yourself do what you do, to understand yourself better, and to question what it is that you react to that brings you trouble.

The results participants have when doing the work can be dramatic and life-changing, or they can be slow and steady. Both are wonderful and all ways of doing this work are welcome here. It is important to understand that this is a unique journey into your inner world. There are no guarantees that you’ll be enlightened, but the practice is exquisitely simple and yet deep and complex.

The reason so many people do this work is that The Work works, when you answer the questions. Everyone has different timing for when.

Teleclasses are all recorded, for participants to listen to who miss a class, or for those who wish to listen to them again after the live session. They are available for download approximately 1-48 hours after the live class and will be sent out via email. You agree, by participating in the course, to be recorded. If you are concerned with privacy, then please consider using a different name. We use first names only.

Basic teleclass structure is that everyone calls in to one teleconference number using their phone, or using skype. There will be an option to use skype to dial into the number as a “contact” meaning the call will be entirely free of charge.  In telecourses we are all together on audio (not video) for 90 minutes.

Every participant is paired with another participant from the class unless you opt-out of partner work (you are not required, but it’s highly recommended). This session is done in between each class via phone or skype and takes 20 minutes to one hour so that each participant has the chance to receive facilitation in The Work. Beginners are welcome and special instruction will be given before, with tips for facilitating, by Grace to people who are brand new to this work.

Everyone can participate in the class sessions, whether you bring your written exercises or not. These classes are not about being perfect, but about showing up authentically, ready to answer questions. These questions come from your own heart and soul, and there is no “right” or “wrong” answer.

This work is about exploring who you are with respect to this topic, identifying what you believe and catching yourself in the act of believing, so that you can bring your thinking to inquiry in a deeper way. If you don’t know what you are thinking that is creating stress in your life, these exercises and this class will assist you to find the core, underlying uncomfortable and opposing beliefs that accompany your troubling feelings.

Please read “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie before the course begins if you can.

If this sounds right for you and you are ready to explore the amazing world of your own thinking, then welcome. I look forward to working with you!—Much love, Grace                                  

With all telelclasses, when you click on the Buy button, you will be taken to a payment page that is managed by PayPal, and extremely reliable and secure service. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account, you may elect to use a credit or debit card of your choice.

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