Summer Camp For The Mind 2018

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“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” ~ Albert Camus

Are you longing for an inner adventure, community sharing, partners for The Work, new friends, honest connection, and a time to reflect on what is absolutely true for you by doing The Work….in the summer ahead?

Is there a place of trouble, where you tip over, where you observe yourself to be unhappy, maybe more than once, and you’d love to find that “invincible summer” within?

Because you can.

One of the best ways to really dive into your practice of investigating your stressful beliefs is in a group, with the support of a guide and fellow journeyers.

While in-person groups are tremendous and meaningful…it’s not always easy and possible to travel and get to a location to take a retreat, workshop or class.

That’s where Tele Sessions come in.

You call in at the appointed hour using phone or your computer (skype), with other inquirers, and I will guide you through stressful thoughts using The Work of Byron Katie, the four powerful questions and turnarounds that open up insight that can be life-changing.

For Summer 2018, summer camp session runs July 11-August 17 (with one week off July 23-27). One 90 minute telesession almost every day, at varying hours during the week so everyone’s time zone can rotate in. Put them all in your calendar, or only a few. 

To open up Summer Camp Online, we’ll have a 3-hour mini retreat to set you up for doing The Work via telecalls all summer camp long. This kick-off session will be recorded (the only thing recorded all summer). If you can’t make one, no worries. This is summer camp.

  • Opening Day Mini-Retreat on Friday, July 6th 7:45-11 am PT, 2018

Everyone is invited, for no charge, to the Opening Day Mini-Retreat. This can give you the chance to try before you join the whole summer camp. Join via the internet and listen-only on broadcast, or join and participate with your phone or live WebCall through your computer.

For our Opening Day call, or for any of Summer Camp, you don’t need experience in The Work, although some people will be very experienced. They know they need the scheduled time for their practice of inquiry.

Summer Camp has no homework, no requirements, no special exercises unless you choose to do them. Kinda like camp! Fun activity….mind investigation….and a life-experience that can be very profound.

During this Summer Camp for The Mind, your body stays home, but your mind comes to camp. (Scroll to bottom for live dial-in schedule).

Calls will not be recorded during Summer Camp–to give everyone the sense of privacy and freedom to inquire and share out loud.

The membership fee for Summer Camp is sliding scale. You choose what feels right for you based on how many calls you expect to attend, or based on what you can afford.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get those thoughts investigated, and contemplate them in this profound process of inquiry?

This may be your summer to expand, understand, relax, open to new possibilities, and stop believing thoughts that no longer serve you. This may be your chance, finally, to address that repetitive situation, relationship, or difficulty that plagues you.

You already have an invincible, magnificent summer…the you that is truly connected to the entire universe. Your true natural loving self.

Join me for Summer Camp and see.

Questions? Email or call or text Grace at 206-650-1230.

Live call-in dates Summer 2018: 

July 6th Opening Day Mini-Retreat 3 Hours

During Summer Camp, every week there’s one call every day Monday through Friday, you pick whenever you want to join. (No calls July 23-27).

Please note all times first given in Pacific time, use a time converter on the web to check your time zone for accuracy.

Daily week day calls begin Monday, July 9th and end Friday, August 17. For those of you signing up for full Summer Camp for The Mind, mark your calendars.

  • Mondays Noon-1:30 pm PT/3-4:30 pm Eastern/8:00-9:30 pm London
  • Tuesdays 8:00-9:30 am PT/11:00-12:30 Eastern/4:00-5:30 pm London
  • Wednesdays 2-3:30 pm/5-6:30 pm Eastern/10 pm London
  • Thursdays 4:00-5:30 pm PT/7:00-8:30 pm Eastern/7:00 am Australia 
  • Fridays 7:45-9:15 am/10:45-12:15 am Eastern/3:45-5:15 pm London

How the telecalls work:

  • You will be sent a private dial-in number and access code
  • You will use your computer, skype or phone to connect (no video)
  • You will be sent all the instructions for how to dial-in after you register
  • No calls will be recorded
  • Calls last 90 minutes

What Summer Camp Supplies to You:

  • Experienced guidance by artful and caring facilitator Grace Bell
  • Group of amazing people to partner with, get to know, and become deeply close with through sharing this powerful work
  • A place to ask about The Work when you’re stuck
  • Exercises to help you get to the bottom of some of your repetitive stressful beliefs
  • a teleclass every day at different times for different time zones — you pick what’s right for you and join any call you like
  • An increasing brightness of your Invincible Summer Within
  • First dibs and a special discount in registering for Year Of Inquiry beginning in September (no obligation of course)

Ready to join stress-melting Summer Camp? Click the “Buy Button” and you’ll be taken to paypal where you can enter your chosen amount. You fill in the amount manually that works best for you. Recommended compensation for this based on time and expense of service, is $150 – $500 based on over 30 sessions total. A typical inquiry session is $20-$50 with a group for each session. But please choose and enter manually what works for you, based on your life financial situation. Deep gratitude.

Note: Whatever you contribute to Summer Camp….if you choose to join Year of Inquiry for 2017-2018, the total amount you contribute to summer camp will be deducted from your Year of Inquiry tuition if you enroll by August 20, 2018.

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