Sickness: When there’s no hope, you’re free

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And as I’m writing this, I’m thinking “Is this going to be OK for tomorrow?”

Because I have a rather severe cold, fever, pounding ears, sore throat. I can’t remember being this sick in ages.


I should NOT be sick.

This is an amazing thought to question. No matter what kind of illness, it often appears.

I shouldn’t have cancer, I shouldn’t experience this ailment. I shouldn’t feel so lousy. I should be able to go outside, eat dinner, run the masterclass webinar.

Sometimes, we can become absolutely terrified with the belief that we shouldn’t be feeling physically sick. Like a huge screaming NO!

Is it true I shouldn’t be sick right now?

Yes. I hate it. This is terrible. I’m trying to work, here, to keep my schedule! (Shake fist at sky).

What kind of images come to mind?

Staying in bed for days and days. Unable to go on. Sometimes, I confess, when I’ve had this thought I imagine being on my death bed. I think about how this body is declining ultimately, and will fade away and die.

I think about my daughter being sick when she was here for 24 hours this past weekend. She brought it into the house!

The mind tries to figure out how to prevent this from ever happening again in the future. I clench up against the physical pain, stare into space as I lie on the bed. Sleep during the day.

But who would I be without this thought I shouldn’t be sick, when I am?

Relaxing into what is, it seems. Letting it be here, like this. Achy, listening to the rain, noticing how more sleep will be good, watching that incredibly…I seem to be writing this Grace Note and I don’t see why not.

Turning this thought around: I should be sick.

This isn’t a slap, or a way to point out what’s wrong with me, or that I deserved it. Never those things.

But why should I be sick, when I am?

I have a human body, that’s why. This body is a host to other organisms, and it’s doing its thing to get rid of something that landed here, apparently. I don’t mind resting. I like it.

I feel very grateful and appreciative for my general good health. I can’t remember the last time I was this sick, it’s been a very long time (years).

Why else should I be sick, when I am?

I listened to music this afternoon sent to me by a friend last week while I was still traveling. It was a meditation, relaxation thing on youtube, very slow and quiet. I got to contemplate the mind, silence, while lying flat in the bed today.

I felt OK this morning, so this has come on very quickly and intensely, and a client I had scheduled for all afternoon cancelled because HE was sick….so far everything’s rolling along as expected, just with sickness accompanying the ride.

I still facilitated the Thursday evening Year of Inquiry call, and could listen, enjoy the inquiry, love everyone there. My work, like the call, is done from home so it doesn’t really matter if I’m sick or not. Until it does.

I’m not sure why else I should be sick, except when I consider this turnaround….I feel a sense of laughter, what-do-I-know, mystery, and readiness to climb into bed again. No choice. I’m not in charge or running this here. It’s a happening.

Turning it around again: My thinking should not be sick. Especially when it comes to sickness. So true. I can work myself into a tizzy about an ailment, or let go.

Another turnaround I notice is that “I” am not actually sick. Not the part of me that’s always here, the steady consciousness that’s been around from before I even knew about it.

People who know there’s no hope are free; decisions are out of their hands. It has always been that way, but some people have to die bodily to find out. No wonder they smile on their deathbeds. Dying is everything they were looking for in life: they’ve given up the delusion of being in charge. When there’s no choice, there’s no fear. They begin to realize that nothing was ever born but a dream and nothing ever dies but a dream.” ~ Byron Katie

Much love,


6 Replies to “Sickness: When there’s no hope, you’re free”

  1. Oh, thankyou so much dearest. Love you’re here and love your comment “falling apart bodies” and “staying together bodies”. Everything is here. Just sent out the replya to everyone who registered so hopefully it’s helpful and you’ll enjoy. Much love, Grace

  2. You have sent many wise Grace notes and I always appreciate them. Yes. I love these falling apart bodies and these staying together bodies. Everyday is an opportunity to question my thoughts about the body. From how it is when it wakes up to what it wants to eat and what if I do something that hurts this body? Oh that would be so bad! Not so! It is such a good teacher. At any rate. It is Friday already? I’m signing up for the Master Class and now I see that the replay is my option. Your generosity is very touching to me.

  3. Oh so sweet–and here we and are I’ll be doing this Masterclass with a bit of a lost voice, but apparently awake and available. :) I trust reality has it this way for good reasons. Much love, Grace

  4. Thanks for your honesty, Grace dear, in taking an opportunity to explore the belief that we could control something so should be in charge of any- or everything, and so frustrated with ourselves, others, the universe, from feeling we ought to be in charge and finding we can’t get our way.

    Instead we find we get the way of the universe unfolding as it should: our experiences, our usual explanations, our inquiries into our truth, peace and rest without a burdensome belief, here now, enjoying a dream.

  5. I had to chuckle a little at how the Universe works. I am reading this as I sit on the couch thinking that I shouldn’t be sick today…how my body is failing me at a time when I need it to be strong to do The Work on the tremendous emotional pain I am suffering from my marriage….my body is failing me on the day of your Masterclass that I signed up to do….
    Thank you! I am grateful for your Grace Notes. More often than not they come to me with the perfect words at the perfect time…

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