Seattle Spring Retreat May 15-19….No Caravan of Despair

Bring your despair to inquiry.

Spring Retreat is almost upon us.

It’s coming soon, only 15 days away.

Two cancellations in the past month (both of them weddings)!

Two rooms still available if you want to stay in the beautiful retreat house.

This is a time for those of us who, well…hate retreats. Seriously.

I’m not joking around.

Part of me is that person who hates retreats.

It was the me full of despair.

The one who would leave and ditch anyone (including myself) because….who cares?

The one who loved departure. The one who loved saying “I’m outta here”. The one who loved to leave.

The one who didn’t want any pep talks or dealing with difficult people. 

This spring retreat may be small.

And when I consider this, I get sort of fascinated after inquiring that it should be any different than it is.

What could possibly happen? What will this be like? How marvelous!

These days, the sense of zest or excitement is practically immediate with whatever appears to be happening.

I have the thought “there’s room for 16” and then the thought “but 10 is going to be perfect”.

There’s something so connected, shared, perfectly wonderful about a small group for 4 days. I tend to tap into everyone’s energy with such a depth of curiosity and joy. I learn so much. We’re like a team of people bringing peace to one small part of the world.

Regular people, joining with one another, under the guidance of inquiry using The Work of Byron Katie.

No expectations. Bringing our pain, our despair, our shame, our worries.

It’s not exactly easy.

Deep inhale, deep exhale.

For someone who tended to isolate, and still I can go for days without contact quite happily….

….something about the gentleness of retreat and the dawning of awareness in us all is thrilling.

Who would we be without our beliefs about THAT TERRIBLE THING THAT HAPPENED?!

I’d be in retreat, questioning my perspective. Finding grace at the center of it all.

Finding that only my own answers really matter.

Finding myself without despair. The part of me with the Don’t Know mind.

Our retreat is honesty. It is a moment in time of sharing and questioning. It is gathering a sense of empowerment about seeing what we believe without a guru or a teacher.

“Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again, come, come.” ~ Jelaluddin Rumi

If you have a painful experience, a stressful belief, an anxious orientation, a desperate idea about life that doesn’t feel so good….

….then welcome.

You’ll fit right in.

And the surprise is: ours is a caravan of no despair. You are welcome, with all your worrying, agonizing, hand-wringing, fear and anger.

You are welcome with it all.

Let’s do question what our minds are saying is true.

Let’s do The Work.

Let’s do The Work.

Much love,


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