Relationship Troubles? Doing The Work on Mom and Dad Can Help

Many people are aware there’s an impact of their own thinking on their daily life.

You’re thinking about something so deeply, you’re “lost in thought”.

Something uncomfortable happens, a person says something mean to you, you come across a loud argument in the street, you get pulled over by a policeman when driving, you receive sad news on email.

These kinds of situations may be a little more clear.

It just happened this morning, you can feel the way the adrenaline rushed through you, or you got tearful.

But what about the very old experiences, from long ago, way in the past, mostly forgotten.


You always seem to have the same kind of experience with men who you’re also attracted to.

Or, you generally dislike your bosses or co-workers, the ones who act like “x” (you know the ones).

Or, just when you’ve got some money in the bank, you have a big unexpected expense like your car breaks down.

Something uncomfortable keeps repeating itself, maybe in different flavors or colors….

….but the root of it is very old.

Because it feels familiar, like you’ve been having these kinds of experiences for a long time.

Two of the most powerful people to do The Work on are (drum roll)…..

… and dad.

You may love them very deeply.

It’s not about criticizing them….and they may have died many, many years ago.

But those people carried many beliefs, that they learned from their ancestors before them, and passed them along very innocently.

Some of these beliefs may be creating concern, pain, angst, sadness, longing, or anger around love, intimacy, affection or touch.

It’s likely you caught a few at least.

Just saying.

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Much love, Grace

P.S. I interviewed my next Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, my friend Celeste Gabrielle. She is a true example of someone who questioned her beliefs, especially about her father, and changed her relationship to all men. Click to watch it!

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  1. Thanks for the interview Grace!
    I really enjoyed watching it and Celeste Gabriele seems such a kind person.

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