Really? A New Podcast Called Peace Talk

Oh boy.

I just launched my new podcast called Peace Talk.

It’s a little weird. I’m more of a writer than a talker.

(Although some of my sisters might argue that comment).

But still, it’s been strange to have this podcast creation process unfold.

A friend said “you should do that!”

He connected me with a coach and podcaster and said “tell her what to do”. 

I followed the directions and almost the whole time was watching from the ceiling thinking….

…..“Really? You’re seriously doing this?”

Looks like I am, I said, as I unwrapped the new orange snowball microphone from the UPS box. Looks like I am, I said again, as I ordered an Itunes cover photo on fiverr. Looks like I am, as I watched youtubes of how to get the f*&$ing mic to actually start recording on my laptop.

“Really?” Said the voice.

You have nothing new to share. You ramble. You’re not that funny. People will smirk. 

Looks like I am, anyway.

Perhaps this is one of the living turnarounds that happens when doing The Work.

I just can’t believe the voice saying “Stop, danger-danger Will Robinson, you might get criticized or judged or challenged or exposed! Help! Run for your life!”

(I know, I know, I tell on myself constantly in these Grace Notes, how could I possibly be more exposed?)

Who would YOU be without the belief that you have to be perfect, or even good (heh heh) to launch something?

“I sing because I’m happy.

I sing because I’m free.” ~ Gospel lyrics  

You know that thing you’d like to try?

Who would you be without the belief you can’t do it?


To listen to the podcast, search Grace Bell on Itunes in podcasts and you’ll find Peace Talk there.

Notice: if you search “Peace Talk” in Itunes or anywhere, it won’t even come up. It takes a few reviews to have it appear in search engines.

Which means…..I would sooooooooo love you to submit a quick review.

You can just say a few short words, you don’t hafta say much, only that you listened and you’re out there.

I am here to serve and help spread the peace movement, self-inquiry, The Work of Byron Katie, and the message that anyone can discover peace within.

You can too! Let’s do it!

Here’s a quick 3 minute video on how to write a review for a podcast on Itunes:

Much love,

with a deep bow,


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