Question Your Thoughts About Relationships, Have A Real Vacation

My colleague Ralf Giesen, also a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, was powerfully moved by The Work in 2003.

A friend facilitated him on the beach during a vacation when he was filled with agonizing, repetitive thoughts about a relationship. For his 14 day vacation, the first ten days were full of stressful thoughts, but after the work….

….he got a real 4 day vacation for the remainder of his time at the beach.

I so appreciate Ralf sharing some of his journey in The Work with us.

Click here to watch our conversation.

Does his dilemma sound familiar–having repetitive thoughts about a relationship?

I myself have had overwhelming thoughts about key relationships in my life.

Not just romantic encounters or people I’ve been attracted to. But friends who have done things I’ve found shocking, or very painful, and work mates and colleagues who have said frightening things.

These are the moments for The Work.

This is where you get to deeply face yourself and your own thinking, and find out what you DO have control over….

….not other people, not what happens “to” you….

….but your reaction, your own experience.

What would take you away from feeling unconditional love, joy and acceptance, right here, right now?

Is it true?

If you want to spend more time investigating your thoughts about love, relationships, and the turmoil you’ve believed about them, come join Relationship Hell to Heaven TeleCourse starting next week and Bring It!

Love, Grace

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