Question This Dance, Feel A Bigger Reality

question your thoughts, dance into a new reality
question your thoughts, dance into a new reality

Today I begin my morning with doing The Work for an hour, then going off to dance for joy at an event I offer with my partner every week….Free Form Dance Dance.

I cannot tell you how many little concepts have arisen from offering this dance.

It shows me that having a creative idea, and following the simple directions of bringing that idea into reality….

….brings all kinds of fantastic, eye-opening, brilliant opportunity to watch the universe unfold in a most genius way for my own expansion.


You may notice concepts and thoughts arise out of things you do, activities you participate in, events you attend, actions you set into motion.

Here are some thoughts I’ve notice come forward for questioning, as I look back over the past two years.

At the very beginning when we started our dance: Oh no, there aren’t enough people here to cover the cost of this magnificent rented dance studio. Help! Alarm!

Once we had offered it for six months: we needed clips to hang some gorgeous fabric from Bali to put a decorative touch in the space, and we needed to laminate the outdoor sign so it stopped getting rained on….but every week we forgot. Neither one done (yet). Dang it, we should remember! What’s the freakin’ problem?! Jeez!

One year into offering the dance: my leg is injured, I can’t go for several months…..waaaahhhhh sad sad.

More recently: someone comes once and leaves early, reporting this dance is not spiritual, one reason being it includes songs with words and songs from childhood. That person is ridiculous, and stuck in her view that x is spiritual and y is not. Growl.

Who would I be without these beliefs that it needs to go THAT way, not THIS way….that other people need to be THAT way, not THIS way….

….that signs, words, dollars, space, rain, music, dancers, movement, time, floor, fabric, thoughts, sadness, fear, remembering, comments, driving, table, broom, numbers, set lists, images….

….would be better the alternate way I see in my mind to the way they are actually going?

What if the way it is going is absolutely genius?


So exciting, it makes my hands clap!!

So amazing to be a spectator, even of myself.

Enjoying the way it’s unrolling, beat by beat, moment by moment, step by step, minute by minute.

A dance is happening.

An adventure beyond expectation!

Turning the thoughts around, relaxing back underneath, behind, over, between the beliefs…including them all:

  • Oh yes! We love this so much we will pay for it. This is a gift from us, to everyone.
  • Yay, we shouldn’t remember, until we do–I notice it’s completely wonderful anyway, with or without remembering.
  • Smile, I get to lie still for awhile and participate in deep quiet and rest–it took an injured leg to do it.
  • Halleluia, even this person’s wonderful words of objection are spiritual for me, I get it. It is me, too.
Thank you every moment in this dance.
Could this be true about every adventure? Every journey?
Every moment that produces stress, emotional pain, sadness, irritation, defense, hurt….worthy of stopping to see what is really happening….and what is beyond my thoughts about it?
“It’s so clear, so in love with what is, that it might seem unkind, even inhuman. It cares totally, and it doesn’t care at all, not one bit, not if all living creatures in the universe were obliterated in an instant. How could it react with anything less than joy? It’s in love with what is, whatever form that may take. Reality is neither good nor bad. It’s bigger than good and bad.” ~ Byron Katie
Enjoy your dancing today.
Even if you can only find one tiny example of how it’s an advantage that it goes the way it goes…..finding that example could make all the difference in the entire world.

Much love, Grace

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3 Replies to “Question This Dance, Feel A Bigger Reality”

  1. Thanks for your note Lisa. Yes, the global tragedies and what happens with humans on a big scale is definitely not joyful…and so perhaps it is one’s interpretation for sure. I can see that there is a response of return to peace, emptiness, a detachment to all the tragedy stories that happen here on planet earth…What I’ve done is seen in tiny increments over time that many things that happened that felt really disturbing for me personally (and I don’t exactly LOVE them now) I could find a joyful thing that came out of them. Crazy, but true every time. Maybe that’s the place to start.

  2. Hi Grace! I’m reading today’s note with some envy and s but if confusion to be honest! Envy that you can feel such s sense of adventure about your kife when I yearn for it! Seeing this phase of my life as setup for a future adventure, perhaps, but no way survival mode feels like adventure to me. It’s quite boring actually, just trying to survive and fill my own belly and make enough money. Confused because I son’t understand Katie’s words that the universe can onky respond with joy. To global events? To hundreds of children being shot point blank in a school in Pakistan? To hundreds of school girls being kidnapped by Boku haram and sold into slavery? The impersonal and personal nature of life is clear. But is Katie saying the acceptance of what has happened the same as “the universe responding with joy” to what has happened? I love your notes, all of them. thank you Grace.

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