Winter Retreat

Breitenbush River Yurt: Beautiful home of The Work of Byron Katie at Breitenbush

Ready to plunge into this gorgeous winter 3-day retreat amidst the holiday season? Dec 6-9, we’ll begin Thursday evening at 7:00 pm and spend a powerful time questioning our thoughts until Sunday noon.

Tuition $295, plus lodging and meals (you’ll choose your accommodations). If you call before November 1st, the early bird tuition is $245! A beautiful time of year to soak in the mineral springs, get a massage or body work, and do this brilliant work of letting go of stressful stories through self-inquiry.

To Register call Breitenbush at (503) 854-3320.

Relationships with others. Money and career woes. Difficult people. Troubling emotions. Unexpected change.

So hard to experience hard times!

Unless….you question your stories about them, and discover the freedom and laughter of not believing what you think.

The Work of Byron Katie begins with finding where you’re disturbed by someone in your life, or a situation you find very troubling, whether long ago or more recently.

The curious thing is, the people or encounters we have which disturb us the most…..may be our most important teachers.

It doesn’t mean we have to like them, or live with them forever, or stay stuck, or put up with them, or marry them, or even divorce them….but it sure is more fun if you feel peace as life unfolds.

Come join Grace, this time accompanied by her husband Jon (wonderful facilitator of The Work) to explore deeply held old beliefs.


This retreat is for ANYONE who has stressful thoughts that drive you nuts, make you sad, reminds you of loss, brings regret, anger, rage, fear or trouble of any kind into your experience.

Mother, father, sister, brother, co-worker, boss, neighbor, uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma, daughter, son, friend. Pain, illness, death, loss, fear, worry, sadness.

We’ll start with something you feel most troubled by, and dig down into The Work for clarity.

We’ll be bringing you some wonderful exercises, gathered from years of personal awareness work, to help you include body, mind, and spirit all into an integrated whole of awareness.

Being honest about our petty, ridiculous, childish repetitive thoughts can bring the most loving, accepting and mature responses….when we use The Work to question what we think.

Retreat Schedule:

  • Thursday, 7:00 – 9:30 pm
  • Friday 10:00-12:30, 3:30-5:45, 7:30-9:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:00-12:30, 3:30-5:45, optional dancing night
  • Sunday 9:30-11:30 am

Meals are amazing and delicious at Breitenbush:

  • Breakfast 8-9:00 pm
  • Lunch 1:00-2:00 pm
  • Dinner 6:00-7:00 pm

We can’t wait to share this time in the dark winter and inquiry. A relaxing, gorgeous time where everyone is unplugged (no cell or internet service) and sharing in this amazing process of The Work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

*Do I need to come with someone else, in order to attend? No. You can come by yourself and bring the thoughts in your head with you–that is plenty, for this work.

*Do I have to work on a relationship in my life? No. While relationships are quite troubling, sometimes there are other difficulties that present themselves, and you are welcome to bring them.

*If I come with a partner, or with someone else like a family member, do I need to do The Work ON them, right in front of them? NO. This is not required at all, and Grace and Jon will share their own experience of doing this type of honest work with you, but YOU don’t have to do this work on anyone present.

*If I come with someone important to me, like my partner, can I do The Work on them? Yes. We will help make this a very safe environment for doing this incredible and profound work on someone when the person hears your stressful thoughts about them, if both of you are willing and interested to explore this.

Question Your Thinking, Change Your World for mental health professionals through WA State Society for Clinical Social Work: 16 CEUs.

$295 tuition for Thursday – Sunday program.

This is said to be an incredibly inexpensive way to learn, do, and practice The Work in such a beautiful environment. A Gottman 2-day weekend workshop for one couple is $7500. The Hendricks’ weekend is $695 per person. Meeting for 17 hours for individual time in The Work would amount to $2125. Therapy ranges from $125-$250 per hour, or around $3500 for this number of hours. Lodging and meals are at winter rates, so it’s an ideal to attend retreat and a wonderful time for getaway and rest.

A luscious time of inward reflection and being held in nature, with your thoughts.

Join us.