To schedule an individual appointment right now, or if you have a question about an upcoming event, please email Grace at Send me your best days/times, and your time zone. If you prefer in-person in Seattle area, let me know. I look forward to meeting you! You can find information about many upcoming events right below. To sign up for a solo session, visit here.

While there are no guarantees, no demands, no to-do list, no advice, no rules and no right or wrong….for me, there was nothing else left to try, but questioning the thoughts that caused suffering. This changed everything.

New Here? Attend an in-person or online meetup:


ONLINE PROGRAMS FOR PEOPLE located anywhere in the world:

  • Summer Camp For The Mind: TeleSessions 5 Days A Week Sliding Scale
  • Solo Sessions (Online or in person) (or one-hour solo sessions via skype/facetime or phone). Solo sessions or solo mini retreats can always be done in person, too.
  • TeleCourses: Six signature telecourses on Money, Desire, Parenting, Romance & Sexuality, Sickness & Death, and Relationships, Eating Peace (please visit


A deep-dive mastermind is the best way to deeply infuse inquiry into your life. Click here for more info, and learn about Year Of Inquiry program and schedule.

Read all about Year of Inquiry by clicking the button to the left. Registration begins in August.

Click on any link below to download the item for free. 

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Start Here Guidebook For Doing The Work: a downloadable pdf guide for setting things up to successfully do The Work.

How To Be A Happy Parent: top stressful beliefs found in parents and how to question them

Money: Questioning Painful beliefs about Money with a live webinar, the writing of Virginia Wolfe and her wonderful summary of beliefs about money, and our powerful inquiry. Watch the webinar!

Also, please visit the following link to be taken to the Help Line, the link to the free schedule of helpline volunteers offering facilitation in The Work of Byron Katie. I’m there sometimes! I would love it if you come find me and work with me!


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