Peace Talk is a short, sweet, powerful lazer-beam of input reminding us to question our stress, reframe our outlooks, and dance with what is.

Whether you’re stuck in city traffic, or late to pick your kid up from school, or wondering about how to approach the pursuit of enlightenment….peace exists here, now.

You don’t have to be a guru to find it. It’s free for everyone.

Tune in today to listen to Peace Talk. You can find Peace Talk on Google Play, IHeartRadio, and Sound Cloud.

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For back episodes….listen in right here:

Peace Talk Episode 1: Are You At War With Your Thoughts

Peace Talk Episode 2: Clearing Your Worst Beliefs

Peace Talk Episode 3: Resources For Inner Peace

Peace Talk Episode 4: Questioning “I Need To Fix Myself”

Peace Talk Episode 5: Getting Upset Is Normal

Peace Talk Episode 6: Taking Care of Others and Relaxing

Peace Talk Episode 7: When You Resist Difficult Feelings, It’s Worse

Peace Talk Episode 8:Continuing To Question Our Worst Feelings

Peace Talk Episode 9: Allowing Feelings Takes You To Ecstasy

Peace Talk Episode 10: Love Status Complaints

Peace Talk Episode 11: There Is A Community of Spirit (Rumi)

Peace Talk Episode 12: Looking Deeply At Your Stressful Beliefs About Love

Peace Talk Episode 13: Anxiety…Eeek!

Peace Talk Episode 14: There’s Not Enough Time…Or Too Much Time

Peace Talk Episode 15: Awareness Is All It Takes To Reduce Anxiety

Peace Talk Episode 16: My Kid (or Someone) Is Driving Me Crazy

Peace Talk Episode 17: What If Not Knowing, When It Comes To Kids,

Peace Talk Episode 18: They Should Care About Me

Peace Talk Episode 19: Self-Hate Is How We Operate

Peace Talk Episode 20: The Deficient Self Is Self-Hate In Action

Peace Talk Episode 21: Give Up Hope For Security

Peace Talk Episode 22: What You Can Do When You’re In Pain About Death

Peace Talk Episode 23: Notice How Often You Are Actually Alone

Peace Talk Episode 24: What’s The Reality of Being Alone?

Peace Talk Episode 25: Do You Doubt Your Desires?

Peace Talk Episode 135: Death, Gaps and Our Negative Thoughts About Our Negative Thinking

Peace Talk Episode 138: When The Doctor Said “It’s Cancer”

6 Replies to “Podcast”

  1. Hello Lilan, I will be offering a fall retreat on the east coast! Not sure of exact location and venue quite yet–a few people are working on it. Love to have you, it will be in October 2019, most likely towards the middle or end of the month. Would be fabulous to have you. Much love, Grace

  2. Hi Grace,
    I thought I heard somewhere that you would be offering a retreat in the spring on the East coast?
    thanks for any info!

  3. Hello Paul! Funny you asked (and thank you) as I’m just sending out a Grace Note that includes information for where to sign up. But it’s also right here at this link: http://bit.ly/DIHell
    Let me know if you have questions! Love to have you if you’re able to join. Much love, Grace

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