My Personal Money Story Released TODAY

I told my whole terrible and difficult money story…and how it changed from terror to joy…on VIDEO.

And it is released today.

It’s kind of crazy vulnerable, but I hope it helps those who need it.

Click HERE to watch it.

I tell about how I questioned my own pervasive belief:

I need more money in order to survive.

It felt so true back then, when my money was flying out of my bank account as fast as the sinking Titanic, and then I began to go into debt and foreclosure threatened.

That all happened only five years ago.

And the intensity of my experience of almost losing everything forced me into questioning my own value, and how much I had believed an inner voice that said “you don’t deserve money”.

That changed.

I questioned my thoughts.

For me, it was part of my path with money to receive…I had a lot of problems with receiving love, enough, kindness, safety (apparently) and as I questioned all of these, I could receive money as well.

I hope you enjoy the video, if it serves. Let me know what you think. Please share it with others who you think might benefit. You can forward this email to them if you like.
In gratitude.
“When you believe your thoughts, you suffer….but only 100% of the time.” ~ Byron Katie

Much love, Grace

10 Replies to “My Personal Money Story Released TODAY”

  1. Wonderful! Yes, I know Pam..She is lovely and I loved her book (just came across it not long ago). Thanks for sharing! To receiving! :)–Grace

  2. I love receiving for no reason! I also like giving and it doesn’t have to be money either. I notice that people are uplifted by my smile and presence. Also, Grace have you ever heard of this really amazing and short book called “E-Squared” by Pam Grout? It’s extremely popular and people love it. It’s all about asking for gifts of the Universe, just asking. People get up their courage to just ask for a gift from the Universe. It doesn’t mean an actual “thing” necessarily (but it can be that). I want to ask for more gifts from the Universe. I would like to have the gift of meeting even more amazing tango dancing friends, having amazing conversations, having even more female friends and so many more things!

  3. Thank you–and even the smallest shift on asking and receiving may change things in ways you had not thought possible. It is all about deep kindness to yourself and being of service, knowing that you are. Much love, Grace

  4. Hi Grace,

    I loved watching the video although it made me so uncomfortable because it bought up so many of the issues I am facing (which are not really ´true´). What really impacted me though was the fact it highlighted what a hard time I have asking and receiving. Thank you!

  5. Yes, receiving for no reason (like being happy for no reason) Kelly! Simply receiving, and then giving, like waves washing in and out. I love receiving!

  6. You are welcome, and I appreciate your comments! And of course, I didn’t really ultimately need money, I needed to be willing to risk being honest, loving and completely truthful. To bring the truth forward and accept myself, even in that predicament. I so love what you found, too, being a giver and noticing whatever comes up there (I have this too, now). All so great to question.

  7. I like how you talk about receiving being the issue here when it comes to money. Most people connect not receiving the money you want with your sense of self-worth. I have never felt not having enough “self-worth” to be a problem, but I never thought about the receiving part. I think I have stories that come from the past about not receiving what I need as the issue rather than self-worth. I know that “self-worth” is a big component for people when it comes to money, but for me it has not been. Thanks for this new perspective on money.

  8. Hi Grace,

    Thank you for telling your story on video. It worked for me and came at a perfect time. It brought up for me how I need ______ to survive, I filled in the blank with my particular need of the day. Lovely how you described learning to receive and how there was more to clean up. What a great visual for how things are working in the background as support and how willing to share and help your friends were. I have my own personal story about people that get themselves into a situation like you were. And honestly my story is not very kind or compassionate. Listening to you helped me to see how I could be lighter about giving money and not controlling how it is spent or needing to be appreciated, or needing to teach the receiver a lesson. How do I know what they need? Well apparently since they asked for money they need money, end of story. Good for me to notice.

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