No Thing (Including Money) Will Give You What You Want

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The thing is, you CAN love this story about money, work, payments, income, creativity, security, safety, and the mysterious future.

Even with a mind (if yours is like mine) where you tend to get a little freaked out at times.

Yes, I said freaked out.

These are the thoughts that will pop into my head sometimes:

  • I shouldn’t have wasted time in school on subjects that went nowhere
  • I am not confident enough or decisive enough
  • I’ll never be super rich, super leader, or super influential
  • Everyone’s on their own, including me
  • Life is a lot easier with buckets of money

I saw an interview that fascinated me the other morning. A very successful entrepreneur whose company makes millions per year internationally in sales said that at one point after he was already successful….he kinda wished he was just waiting tables again.

He said when he waited tables, he went to work, served people, made excellent money, and then went home and had a life and enjoyed himself because he left all his “work” activity at the restaurant.

I had to chuckle.

All that work to break out of a life where he had “enough” money and into a life where he had “more than enough” money….

….and he wasn’t exactly totally thrilled.

Sometimes, people will think you need to stop the drive for money in order to get back to peace.

And that’s not true, either.

In both situations, there’s an interest, a pull in something different, something more…and it’s probably not money, or a change in work.

Let’s do The Work on my little stressful list and see what can be discovered.

Is it true that life is easier with buckets of money? Is it true that confidence and decisiveness lead to more money (so they lead to more ease)? Did I waste time in school, am I really on my own, is it true that I’ll never be super rich (whatever that is)?


None of these are true.

How do I react when I’m believing one of them, or all of them within five minutes?

Crushed. Like a failure. Or somehow not enough, inadequate, not making it.

Like there’s just not enough clarity, good ideas, creativity, positivity, good thoughts, energy to be someone who can get buckets of money—which I’m not even sure is required for maturity, peace or love in the first place.

It seems futile and sort of bonkers, quite honestly.

So who would I be without the thought that more money is good and I must be more than I am to get more of it?

Ha ha, laughing with the absurdity of wanting a ghost image of “more” that doesn’t even exist.

I would feel free. Excited. Of service. I would keep going….and notice that even when I take a break or do something different for awhile….I wind up carrying on.

I do keep going.

I feel confident.

I turn the thoughts around that money is tied to feeling that there is “enough” of anything: I have enough life, enough energy, enough confidence, enough purpose, enough joy, enough love, enough support, enough ease.

“Nothing outside of you is ever going to give you what you want. No thing gives you what you want….You have nothing to do with your wealth. You have nothing to do with your poverty. Your wealth and your poverty is in your thinking, not your finances. You have money, you tell the story of how you had something to do with it. You don’t have money, you tell the story of how you had something to do with it. It’s all just a story to keep you amused so you can narrate nothing.” ~ Byron Katie

  • I should have spent time in school on subjects that went everywhere
  • I am confident enough or decisive enough
  • I’ll always be super rich, super leader, or super influential
  • Everyone’s together, including me
  • Life is not a lot easier with buckets of money

Once again, I remember that I really don’t have answers, and it’s good. It’s wonderful.

Not knowing and not grabbing and knowing there is enough now, here, is all I can do.

I can skip the need to acquire that thing, called Money, or some other imagined thing that would bring me ease……..and sink into this mysterious joy.


Much love, Grace


4 Replies to “No Thing (Including Money) Will Give You What You Want”

  1. Kristann, I love your questions! I have thought about these a great deal in the past. Here is what I’ll say I have discovered, that is quite exciting and in some ways, kind of simple. If you are loving your goals, your image of the fun of the future, and you feel that joy in the present, then it’s not stressful. For example, I am writing a book, I am very excited…and I look forward to the time it is in the hands of the public, in however that happens. I don’t know for sure that it could happen, because it’s the future, and that’s actually completely and entirely OK if it doesn’t. It brings me great pleasure in this present moment to write. It appears that there is “time” and a change is occurring, and all of this leads to a different creation later on, most likely. Feeling the pleasure and joy in this present time/space is sweet, and very caring. It feels loving instead of driven. See if you can feel that for yourself, that you love the way your clothes feel when they are looser, or when you have unscheduled time…but also notice the way you wrote …..”without having to worry about financially supporting myself”…and the idea that if you were really happy, you wouldn’t care about pursuing anything. That is a wonderful concept to question “If I were really happy right now, I wouldn’t do anything.” Is it true? I look forward to hearing more!–Love, Grace

  2. Hi Grace, I just recently (in the past few weeks) found The Work and your wonderful blog courtesy of I have read two of BK’s books and started doing the work on my stressful thoughts/stories, and already the transformation in my life is STUNNING!

    However, there is one thing I’ve puzzled over from the books and your blog. I get that my happiness is tied to my thoughts. I get that thinking that “I’ll be happier if I get/do/achieve XYZ” is a waste of time because those thoughts simply are not true (or there’s no way to know whether they are true, as they are future-based and I only live in the present). I get that when I argue with reality, I lose.

    However … I do still have goals. For example, I am looking forward to the day when I can retire from my job and have time to pursue my many interests without having to worry about financially supporting myself. I have a goal to retire as soon as I possibly can so that I can have that lifestyle, and I am working on ways to make that happen. I also have a goal to lose a few lbs. that I gained this winter so my clothes will fit better and I will be more comfortable.

    So, how does one rationalize the desire to reach a goal if the desired end result is potentially achievable now (i.e., if I could be totally happy today — and actually today I woke up really, really happy — why would I want to pursue goals)?

    I am really curious how having goals works in conjunction with doing The Work.

    Thanks so much for your work! You are such a wonderful & thoughtful writer!



  3. I know! I loved this one too, and I had the same kind of thought. I love how you added that all those subject ARE everywhere, now. That is really fun. Thanks for writing!–Grace

  4. “I should have spent time in school on subjects that went everywhere”
    When I saw this I chuckled. Those subjects I spent time on did go everywhere. With me! And those subjects ARE everywhere.
    It’s like noticing a support I never realised was there. Even if I don’t utilise the information I was given in school (way back then) it has informed my experience of the world and myself.

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