Money Never Gave Anyone A Problem

Correction on Breitenbush update: early bird rate $395 (before May 1st) and repeaters are $395 no matter when you register but also receive solo sessions with both me and Susan, my kind and experienced co-facilitator.

And speaking of corrections….

….I can’t believe I make typos on important details! Like dates, fees, schedules.

People have been suggesting to me for awhile that I need a full time assistant. I know it’s eventually going to happen.

Becoming someone who has people working for me is….


There are a few thoughts. That may be stressful.

But the biggest stressy thing is imagining making a payment, not knowing how long things will take (and therefore how much it will cost), wondering that I may experience disappointment at how much is going out for what I receive back.

Isn’t that just the goofiest but VERY common notion?

So many people think this not just when they need to hire someone but every time then give money in exchange for something else. I am anticipating feeling disappointment in the future, after I have made the trade of money for this service, item, experience, or assistance.

I have a leaking roof right now on my little cottage. I’m gathering bids for the replacement.

How do you even sort out what the work is “worth”?

I know whenever the commentator says “you HAVE to….” then there’s a disempowered voice talking.

As in….victim.

I have to hire someone, I have to get that done, I have to fix my roof, I have to go to work, I have to go buy groceries, I have to do my laundry, I have to go to the gym, I have to be nice to him, I have to have to have to.

I love stopping and doing The Work on these “have to” orders.

Is it true?

Yes. I have to buy groceries. If I want to LIVE. Because I have to eat.


No. If I had no money, there are food banks, friends, family, land to grow something on, dumpsters, waiting until tomorrow or the next day, going without for awhile, trading something besides money for food.

How do you react when you believe you have to do something, as in YOU MUST, you should, it’s a order, you’re stuck, you’re confined to this, it’s a necessity, you can’t get out of it, it’s required?

You might rebel. You might want to keep things “under control” and manage the situation. Or if you’re like me maybe you freeze, depending on the situation. Do nothing.

Maybe you try to hide, not spend, never “cost” anything, save, hoard, worry, hang on to the money you have.

Or the flip side, you might spend money like you’ll be dead tomorrow. Who cares.

But who would you be without the thought that you HAVE to put your money over there, to trade it for help, food, fun, an experience, education, survival?

“Reality as we believe it to be will bring tears or sadness, but when you go back within these questions you look at it with the fourth question–who would you be without that thought?…. Money is absolutely innocent. Money never gave anyone one problem. It just sits there, and you just project on to ‘nothing’.” ~ Byron Katie 

Without the thought that you “have to” do anything when it comes to money and acquiring something or giving it away or trading it for something else?

Without that thought, I’m in a flow of life. I’m resting, then I’m noticing I’m hungry, then I’m going to get food, then I’m going to get a drink of water, then I’m seeing that the roof has rain water coming in and then I’m googling roofers, then I’m typing these words, then I’m getting up and walking outside and getting into my car and driving to the store.

Every moment, this moment, perfect. I am OK in this moment. It means nothing about the future, or about the past. I’m not being forced to do anything. I’m breathing, noticing the support around me, under my feet.

I turn the thought around that I “have to”.

“With or without money, we have a right to be happy. That’s our birthright. If peace is dependent on houses and cars, arms and legs, there’s no possibility for peace. But in my experience, peace has no conditions.” ~ Byron Katie 

I do not have to do anything. I do not HAVE TO. I may choose to, out of the joy of being alive, efficient, caring, joyful.

I notice I LOVE taking care of my little house. It’s my job. Why would I not want this job? I notice I LOVE taking care of my work, my business, my body, my clients, my family.

“Life without a reason, a purpose, a position… the mind is frightened of this because then “my life” is over with, and life lives itself and moves from itself in a totally different dimension. This way of living is just life moving. That’s all…..The only price is all of our positions. The only price is that you stop paying a price.” ~ Adyashanti 

Inside I began to notice a trust in this flow, there is a movement, nothing is set in steel, no moment is limited. There is the possibility of not suffering every time money leaves my hand for someone else’s hand, and leaves someone else’s hand for my own.

Perhaps there are no individual hands, everyone breathing in and out.

And the movement is beautiful, like a gorgeous abundant river.

The 8 week class on money begins again soon on Wednesdays. Stay tuned. We’ll meet late afternoons Pacific time.

Love, Grace



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