Money Money I Lost Money

I need this money! (Is that true?)

In Summer Camp for The Mind this morning we looked at one of my all-time favorite topics. (You can still join, by the way, sliding scale).


Many money situations seem hard to pin down when it comes to identifying very specifically the split second in time when money was a problem.

There you are, looking at a letter.

Or a bank statement.

Or a receipt.

Or an empty wallet.

And boom. Gasp. Quick inhale of the breath.

This cost too much. Wait, it’s how much? Something is dangerous here. I am threatened in some way.

Like I was last night.

My son turned 21 very recently and what I knew he would love was a new upgraded cell phone. His phone was eligible for a trade-in. We usually use and use and use our phones because….I notice the whole “upgrade” thing is a made-up idea anyway.

But this would be a fun gift.

Two hours later, we returned home with not only a phone, but some kind of fancy speaker, a super-charging case for his phone, and a high-priced glass cover to prevent scratches to the phone screen.

I opened my email, to double-check the receipt I had just signed and what all happened.

There was a lot of discussion and a lot of numbers flying around about the new monthly payment being the same, and a few hundred dollars charged to my credit card.

Gizmos and gadgets and MORE (there was something about a MORE EVERYTHING plan).

I took a look at the receipt bottom line and my eyes popped open and mouth said “What??!!!”

Perfect moment for the Summer Camp Inquiry this morning.

The thought brought to our call by an inquirer was “her negligence resulted in my suffering financial loss!”


Maybe you have a situation where someone’s negligence resulted in loss, for you.

I love getting as simple as possible with money thoughts.

There are a few concepts to question right in the middle of this one concept about negligence and financial loss:

  • I lost money
  • I am suffering
  • she (or he) was negligent
There are so many implied or assumed beliefs under this one concept.
  • more money is better than less money
  • I could have more money right now than I do
  • its dangerous to have money move from here to over there
  • money causes suffering
  • this situation is someone’s fault (if not theirs, then MINE)
  • this situation is BAD or threatening
Who would I be without the belief that I lost something, or that making a purchase is dangerous, or that a mistake could have been made?
Who would I be without the entire belief system about money, and the idea that it is better if it’s coming to me, staying with me, not leaving me?
I notice I love to trade money for things.
Food, house, transportation, communication (phone), fun, entertainment, care, education.
I’m constantly trading money for these things, and it’s easy, simple, wonderful.
Without the belief something terrible has gone wrong with money, in my situation, I call the customer service center and ask a lot of questions. I get clearer and clearer about the plan, the structure, the numbers and what I misunderstood or needed clarity on.
I asked everything.

I notice I’m fascinated.

All the brilliance of moving numbers, sales, buying, contracts, upgrades, deals, cell phones, beliefs about what is needed or not needed, what is required or not required… hilarious, really, so entertaining.

I love discovering light shed on what the receipt means, the questions, the answers, remembering the fun in the store. The sweet time spent with my adorable son who I love so much and the laughter we had about the experience.

And this morning, I’m heading back to the store when it opens, with the fancy speaker, to return it, make some changes, and ask more questions.

With a light step, noticing the thought enter “this is a pain that I ‘have to’ go back” and not believing it.

I know I don’t have to do anything.

I see also there has been no loss of any kind whatsoever.

There has only been all gain. Gain of information, smiling son, laughing family, learning so much about cell phones and plans and deals and people in stores.

  • I gained money
  • I am happy, I am safe, I am fine, I am breathing, all is well
  • she (or he) was careful, attentive
  • more money is NOT better than less money
  • It is not possible to have any more money right now than I actually have (all ideas about more or less are images in my mind)
  • its exciting and safe to have money move from here to over there
  • money does not cause suffering, my thoughts about money do
  • this situation is no one’s fault
  • this situation is GOOD and wonderful, not threatening

Last night during the phone conversation after I returned home, my monthly bill was reduced by $20. I read a consumer report article online this morning and discovered a way to reduce costs even more.

I got to see the easy generous nature of my son who said “mom, you can take the fancy speaker back and the case for the phone….I don’t really need those.”
The man we spent time with gave us tons of attention and care, and we learned all about his grandson and his previous career. So did the person who talked with me on the phone at 10 pm at night.
Without the feeling of threat, or danger, I notice how secure and happy and comfortable I am right now, in this present moment.
Money is doing what it does, and I’m having fun noticing it is free to do what it does without me becoming terrified or full of grasping, or overly-excited.
“My world is one of constantly shifting forms. There’s nothing I can count on in it, not my age, not my body, not who is with me, not my identity, not the century, not the planet I live on…..Anything that comes into its awareness is a tilt, to be set straight again. It’s always looking for something out of order, only to see the order.” ~ Byron Katie in 1000 Names For Joy
Money shifts in quantity, speed, presence, just like everything else.
Can I notice, for this moment, how I can’t count on money and yet, how safe, mysterious, funny, simple this moment is….
….even if numbers have gone up, gone down, come in, come out.
Just like breathing.
And now, I close the computer and head back to the cell phone store for the next chapter in this fun adventure. We’ll see if I get there, or not.
Much love,


P.S. Still two weeks of daily Summer Camp 90 minute inquiry. With two weeks still ahead, and a 2 hour Sunday jam on 8/2, you can pick the dollar amount right for you. Sliding scale to join. Stress melting for the mind! Your chance to try guided inquiry and listen. No participation required.

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