Money – Gathering Money Like A Bee Gathers Honey

Oh so excited to begin the 8-week journey with Money starting Wednesdays 4/16.

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There are no guarantees of course for any “cures” about anything in life….like lack of money or painful relationships or ways to prevent traumas from occurring.

But I love that with The Work of Byron Katie one can first identify what it is running in their minds, that they never even thought of questioning before….and then take it into a personal, deep investigation to see if its really true.

Just because you investigate doesn’t always mean you find out it isn’t true for you, ever ever, or that suddenly all is supremely well and you never think about that issue again.

When I had no money left, no money coming in, a negative balance because of debt, and was ready to give up entirely….

….I couldn’t do some kind of mind trick, or The Work, and create a full bank account and freedom from debt in one day.

Affirmations or positive thinking were not the answer, that’s for sure.

This internal work is not about snapping your fingers, magic, instant wealth (unless it is). It is about looking, deeply, carefully, steadily at what is the truth and what is being called for in your life.

What are you being invited to see? What are you being invited to do? What have you believed about money and the flow in and out of resources in your life….maybe since you were a kid?

These are big, wide questions.

When I was panicking and with so very little money in my life at a time of great change, I had to answer these questions if I really wanted to take a good look.

I felt like I was on the Titanic. There was a humongous leak in my thinking, and I was going down fast. My ship prior to that time had looked like there wasn’t really a major problem. I had been in calm, shallow seas.

(Notice the word “shallow”).

I had not been forced to look at how I viewed money, until there was a major crisis in my life.

Not everyone gets the excitement, adventure and powerful possibilities for change that I got. It took a dramatic shock for me to wake up and stop pretending that I didn’t need, want or care about money….or find it all that valuable.

And here’s the funny thing that happened: when I really investigated, when I lost just about everything (all that was necessary to wake me up) I cared in a very deep, abiding, wonderful way.

I started a joyful love affair with money where I trusted it by loving and trusting myself.

And money began to trust me. I became a good caretaker of it.

As I did The Work, with the help of a wonderful facilitator by the way (I couldn’t sit and do that work on my own, my mind raced too quickly with fear) I was able to find a new kind of energy from within.

It didn’t really have to do with money. Money was a manifestation of the loving energy I had found.

I was able to be honest, clear, and kind…..with my own mind, with my own thinking.

If you find that you have distrust, fear, anxiety, worry about the future, discomfort with your past around money….and you’re ready to take a look at some of your stressful thoughts and money….

….consider joining our group on Wednesday this week via phone or skype. There are 3 more spots available.

“The wise who are trained and disciplined Shine out like beacon-lights. They earn money just as a bee gathers honey without harming the flowers, and they let it grow as an ant-hill slowly gains in heights. With wealth wisely gained they use it for the benefit of all.” ~ Digha Nikaya

Life with money is fascinating, mysterious, and sometimes very unsettling.

The good news: your thinking is the unsettled thing, not so much money. It does what it does.

But if you question your own thinking, you may see money differently, feel differently, notice differently.

“If people are living their lives for security and comfort and pleasure, then mind’s every waking moment will be plotting those things. That’s how it stays identified – as a body, as a you. The moment it begins to question itself, the mind becomes so clear that it starts working with itself rather than with the body’s identification.” ~ Byron Katie

Honey Money. Money Honey. You are a fabulous bee.

What a fun, thrilling investigation.

Much love, Grace


4 Replies to “Money – Gathering Money Like A Bee Gathers Honey”

  1. What a fabulous question–it got me reading some of the sutra that I had never read before! This is because the quote I found actually was in another book: Seven Stages of Money Maturity by George Kinder, which I have much appreciated over the years. The only additional information in his text was that this quote was translated by Gil Fronsdal. If I come across the passage as I read, I will remember and let you know! Thanks so much for writing. Many blessings. Much love, Grace

  2. Dear Grace,

    I love reading “Grace Notes.” I’m somewhat familiar with the Pali Canon. Would you please give me the specific number of the Sutta from which the Buddha quote is taken?

    Every Good Blessing!

    Bob R

  3. Oh I love that you would question and open to however the money comes. I also love to give to family, but sometimes, perhaps the exchange does include money…and that is OK. :) It may be the best trade!

  4. This is great Grace. While reading this I realized something about my relationship with money I hadn’t noticed before. I’ve been out of work for some time now, and recently made a leap from a field I hated – administrative type work – into a new field I love – massage therapy. My brother has been kind enough to help me by giving me a task to do for some money – stuffing and addressing mail for his business. I happily accepted the $10. Then I massaged him for the first time and he was over the moon with how good he felt. So good, he wanted to pay me for such “skilled and professional healing work”. I refused. I said it was because we were family, but upon reading your post I’m questioning that thought. Could it be that I’ve been thinking money only comes when I do something I hate? When I suffer for it? Could money come much more easily and abundantly doing something I love? I love these questions. Thanks for prompt as always Grace. I LOVE getting your notes every day…such a gift.

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