Mini Retreat 6/6 – Are You Doing The Work On Yourself?

question your thoughts and find relationship heaven, not hell
Mini Retreat Seattle 6/6: Be A Part of The Peace Movement

We’re coming soon upon one of my favorite events….the quarterly mini retreat on June 6 from 1:30-5:30pm right here in northeast Seattle.

We’ll gather in Goldilocks Cottage (limited to 12) and everyone will get to move through the full process of The Work of Byron Katie from start to finish, in four hours.

You’ll come away with all the materials you need, clarity around one issue, incident, person or situation in your life causing you stress….

….and a better understanding of how to facilitate someone else through The Work.

Mental health practitioners receive 4 CEUs, and everyone is welcome. $70 for the whole Saturday afternoon, all materials and tea and snacks included.

Always a fabulous group of inquirers and people passionate about finding peace within.

To join us click HERE.


As I remembered to make this announcement about the Mini Retreat, I noticed a little thought pop over the horizon.

You should have announced this sooner. Why did you forget about mentioning it again? If only you were more organized.

Have you ever had these kinds of thoughts about yourself?

Oooooh boy.

It’s like a generally critical voice, not so interested in how you feel when it speaks.

Some people’s inner critics are crazy vicious.

So nasty, you’d never talk to anyone else that way! You’d run for your life if someone else used that tone with you!

Good news.

It is possible to question even these kinds of thoughts against yourself using The Work, if you keep your mind really flexible and open to the answers.

Here’s what I mean by being flexible and open:

Sometimes, when you see yourself having critical thoughts about YOU, you want to question these thoughts SO YOU CAN CHANGE.

You’re not feeling exactly “open” to yourself being the way you are.

In fact you hate yourself the way you are, it really pisses you off.

If you have this in mind for the outcome….it won’t really “work”….

….cause you’ve got a plan for this mess of who you are already. You should be different.

More organized, for example.

But if you want to investigate yourself with a full dose of compassion and curiosity, like you’re saying “let’s see where I got this idea…let’s really look and imagine what it would be like without this story”….

….well then, you might discover some sweet reality.

No expectations, though.

No plans or hopes that by doing The Work on yourself, you’ll change. This isn’t why you do The Work on others either (so they’ll change) right?

“Most of us have been pointing our criticism and judgments at ourselves for years, and it hasn’t solved anything yet.” ~ Byron Katie 

Who would I be without the belief that I really should be more organized?

Laughing! Entertained with my goofy self.

See how perfect everything actually is, at whatever level of “organized” it is, and that it’s quite beautiful how unorganized I truly am.

There are great benefits for not being in charge, and not having to organize.

I can leave that up to God, or Source or Reality instead. And notice everything, when it comes to “organization” is handled just right.

Much loveGrace

4 Replies to “Mini Retreat 6/6 – Are You Doing The Work On Yourself?”

  1. :) Yes, you can totally question these and really sit with all the TAs, noticing what its like to have it be OK to be the way you are, forgetting or thinking you should be a certain way, and even what it would be like to have no idea at all about birthdays and how interesting this might be–no instructions about what one should or shouldn’t do….could be fun! Thanks for sharing. Much love, Grace

  2. Thanks for this note, it gives some indication on how to do the work on self judgements. I had some strong ones today : it is my partner’s birthday and I don’t have a gift yet because I started to look for one only yesterday and I did not find what I was looking for, then I completely forgot it was his birthday today until he left for work, and then making his birthday cake felt like an obligation and I did not have a lot of fun making it. And then of course came all the self judgements ‘you should have started earlier to look for a present, you had plenty of time before’, ‘you forgot about his birthday! You are only thinking about yourself all the time, so selfish’ and ‘you should be happy to prepare his birthday cake and do it with love’…I suppose I should question these…

  3. That really is so sweet, so beautiful. I read your Grace Notes every day, sometimes in bed at night. They bring me peace, contentment, joy… so I can sleep. Thank you so much for your work, I am so grateful.

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