Life Is Never Against You

Since I’m not going to Los Angeles for the Cleanse with Byron Katie next week, I’m going to offer my own mental cleanse!

Part of my own mental cleansing will happen by me being on the Help Line and offering free facilitation all morning (Pacific time) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week, to anyone who calls.

You can check the Help Line schedule and how it works here. My favorite is working on skype, since my headphones are so deluxe, so check for me there first (before phone).

It’s a fabulous resource for anyone and everyone if you want to sample receiving facilitation through the four questions and finding the turnarounds to a stressful concept you’ve got running in your life.

Everyone on the Help Line is there to serve! That goes for facilitators and facilitated, both.

You’ll be in safe hands either way.

Don’t be shy!

If I’m not available it’s probably because I’m already with someone else….just check the Help Line schedule and call another facilitator.


Last night our Year of Inquiry (YOI) group met for a little extra Tuesday evening session, since we won’t meet Thursday as it’s Christmas.

We’ve been looking at our common complaints in great depth.

Out of these often-repetitive thoughts and ideas about who and what we complain about are very profound underlying thoughts.

One YOI participant found that she had a belief about an upsetting situation that sounded like this:

I should have prevented it! 

Holy Moly that is a very painful belief.

When I have had this belief come through my mind, it’s been crazy discouraging.

An abortion, hurting someone I care about, being distant with a friend who wound up betraying me, not bringing something up that Iknew to address, lying about where I was or what I was doing to not hurt someone’s feelings, getting involved with a man I felt nervous about, being incredibly anxious and getting cancer, not working full time or planning for a better career….

There are many situations where we’ll think, when something difficult happens, about OUR part with great disappointment.

The part we should have known, or prevented, or been more aware of, or not been so dang unconscious about.


That attack towards yourself stings. Sometimes really badly.

Who would you be without the belief that you could have prevented the difficult, or absolutely horrible, thing from happening?

Some people will say “that would be letting me off the hook!”

But what if it was OK it went as it did?

What if you were actually doing the very best you could, with what you knew and believed and had learned?

What if you always have been doing the best you could?

“What’s worse, the falling rain, or your resistance to getting wet? The changing winds, or your battle against them? The grass as it grows, or your demand for it to grow faster? This moment, or your rejections of it? Consider the possibility that Life is never *against* you. You are Life.” ~ Jeff Foster

Much love, Grace

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