Expand Your Money Love Story

One of the most helpful things in the world for me, in my life’s journey at a deep level, has been joining with other people to learn and practice.

Even though when it comes down to it, you have to actually travel the path yourself. If you’re ever had the thought that you get a little anxious, or concerned, or frustrated, or terrified about money….

….and you’re not even sure what you’re thinking that produces this reaction…. .

…a great way to find out more clearly is to take the teleclass Money: Loving This Story which starts tomorrow, Mondays, a 9 am Pacific Time.

Money means so much, it seems. Security, safety, opportunity, independence, freedom, power, change, detachment, adventure, excitement.

I use money, and do something with it, and I’ll get to have these feelings, these experiences. But what if you could unhook from the story of money, where you need it to feel better, or secure, or good?

What if instead of feeling frightened or controlled by a story about money that feels upsetting or distrusting, you knew your thoughts about money could be questioned when they are disturbing?

That’s what we’ll be cracking into in these two months ahead. When we’re all on the phone together, you get to hear other peoples’ thoughts and concerns about money….

….people with money, people who owe money, people without money, the ways you think you get money and receive money, what you “have” to do for money.

It’s very enlightening. It takes practice. You get to catch those speedy thoughts that zoom by so fast, they are practically unconscious.

You get to really see those moments that feel painful about money and where it’s going and what it’s doing, and what that means about YOU.

I’d love to have you join me tomorrow and begin to get this money thing sorted out. Together we can hear each other’s stories, drill into the specific situations that create trouble or concern, and question our beliefs and turn them around to the opposite.

Click HERE to sign up. Write me if you have questions. I probably won’t be offering this course for awhile since I’ll be busy with the new Year of Inquiry groups beginning in September (we get into Money pretty deeply in our fifth month together of YOI).

I’ll send out all the info you need this evening to dial-in tomorrow morning and make your money story joyful!

From Obsessive Torturous Thinking to Infinite Support Everywhere

“Can I really take a class on earning money and have the tortures of my obsessive thinking about it let go, even a little? Eight weeks later, the answer turns out to be, yes! What I am taking away from our work together, is that my source of support does not come from black scratchings on a piece of (bank statement) paper. My bed rock of support is already here, within and without, all around me. Thanks for the thought provoking questions, blog posts and your own findings throughout the class.” ~ Money Class Participant 2013

Much love, Grace


2 Replies to “Expand Your Money Love Story”

  1. Yes, and what is powerful is even realizing, you’ve never originated the stories. It seems we just hold them for awhile, then wake up from them through discovering what does work and what doesn’t work. Oooh and when is the next money teleclass….great question! Very likely in September. Much love, Grace

  2. I loved this blog post. It rings so true with me about what money means to us as humans…it keeps you safe, happy, secure and definitely having more of it is better. Oh my God that rings so true with my money story which I’ve been denying for awhile. I’ve been wanting to distance myself from the stories of money we’ve all basically acquired from society about what money means and say “No, I choose not to own this story as “mine” because it isn’t and I can just manifest more money.” But now I’m seeing how important it is to be in a real inquiry about money even if the stories weren’t originated by me. When is your next money teleclass?

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