A Kind Now Makes A Kind Future

You know that very small and admittedly big ticket high-end retreat I’m hosting that I told you about the day before yesterday?

The Serene, Powerful, Loved, Ecstatic, Enough Retreat.

I’m calling it Serenity for short.

(I’ve only watched about three shows in the past two decades, and Firefly was one of them. Yum. The ship name is Serenity, if you haven’t seen it).

I mentioned several special people who will attend either on skype or in person….

….Well, I’ll tell you who just one of the presenters will be:

Arielle Ford.

And she’s coming in person.

She is famous for her process and book called The Soulmate Secret, a way to find the perfection in imperfection in our primary relationships.

Isn’t that what we’re all doing with The Work?

Opening our minds to reality, relaxing with what we see as apparent flaws….in others, in ourselves, in life, in the world.

I learned about Arielle through her sister, the late Debbie Ford, who offered me such a beautiful way to live the turnaround of loving the end of my marriage with her book Spiritual Divorce.

For this special retreat, I also asked Byron Katie.


And Geneen Roth, David Whyte, Alanis Morrisette, Cheri Huber, Adyashanti and Mukti (Adya’s wife).

I expect the four days we spend together will be, quite honestly, magnificent.

I guess its not a secret anymore who just a small few of the people are who I deeply admire, so grateful for their teachings and words.

I don’t know if ALL of them will be able to say “yes”.

Which brings me to a stressful thought….kind of like the stressful thoughts you might have when you’re planning something, bringing something together.

Maybe you’re supposed to lead a meeting, give a speech, give a toast, run a retreat, host a party, compete in a race, take a big test.

You’ve got a thing coming up, and you’re not completely exactly sure how it will go.

What if everyone says yes? What if no one does?

What if nobody cares? What if I don’t do well? What if I don’t pass? What if I look like a complete dork? What if something happens at the last minute?


You need to know it’s gonna be good.

Is that true?

Well, I at least need to know it’s gonna work out OK, I mean…right? I need assurance. I need confidence!

Are you sure?


How do you react when you’re hoping, waiting, practicing, imagining, wishing very hard to win that race, be “on”, do fabulously well?

Pressured, nervous, not able to relax, jumpy, fussy, commanding, pushy, busy.

Not exactly fun when it swings into that pressure zone.

So who would you be without the belief that you need to know it will be good, go well, that everyone will come, that it will be awesome….

….even while you know it will very, very likely be happening (you can never know absolutely that anything will happen) and there are things to do beforehand, like planning, that help make it easier?

I notice without the belief that I need to know something will go super crazy well, that I’m very joyful in this moment, now, just imagining that future event.

I’m happy right now.

It’s OK if it does, or does not, happen the way I’m seeing it. I’m not even seeing it set up a certain set way…it’s just a feeling of happiness and gratitude about this moment, this fun world where time seems to pass and the future arrives.

“Freedom means living in kindness, AS kindness. It means never having a moment of fear, anger, or sadness–living totally exposed, as a gift. There’s nothing personal in it.” ~ Byron Katie

If you’re one of the very unique individuals who is called to join the private Serenity Retreat, click HERE to send in your application. It will be limited to 8 inquirers.

Much love, Grace

P.S. Year of Inquiry has registrations coming in. If you’d like to learn more about YOI, click HERE. We start together in September for a whole year of inquiry together. I already know, it is good. YOI JOY!

Opening The Mind is Miraculous

“The strongest part about YOI was the action of me making a commitment to do this for an entire year. There was something very profound in that. Having the fellowship of everybody else was very strong for me. I feel like I made real friends. Friends that will last a lifetime. I’m feeling very serene, similar to like when I just came out of The School except that this high has already lasted longer :-) I believe the length of lasting is proportional to the length of time in the class, ie, due to the length of time in the class. YOI is a great way to feel emotionally and spiritually connected to a group. It is a wonderful path of releasing old, worn-out, misunderstood belief patterns. The opening of the mind is a miraculous and spiritual experience like no other.” ~ YOI Participant 2013-2014

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