I Look Forward To That….Seriously?

I can’t wait for that to happen again!

In the Year of Inquiry group every third week of the month, we always spend time in what’s called “the turnaround to #6”.

Now, before you think that’s some weird secret code—if you’re not entirely familiar with The Work of Byron Katie—don’t worry.

You’ll catch on very fast, and it’s super cool.

All this exercise is, is a fantastic way of turning your thoughts upside down and shaking your frightening story loose….

…..possibly leaving you with a feeling of empowerment and openness you may find quite astonishing.

So here’s how it works.

Let’s say you’ve noticed you have some difficulty with a person in your life, or your job, or overeating.

We’ll often have big grand thoughts about a troubling situation.

“I don’t ever want to talk to that man again!”

“I don’t ever want to get cancer again!”

“I don’t ever want to eat too much at night again!”

“I don’t ever want to lose all my money again!”

“I don’t ever want to get divorced, break up, be abandoned again!”

You can find what you might say in a troubling situation you’ve experienced in your life (or you might be going through it now).

What is advised strongly in doing The Work is to first really look in depth at your situation. Write a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet

(you’ll notice the last question on the JYN worksheet is “what is it that you don’t EVER want to experience again in this situation?”)

But once you’ve walked through the process of inquiry on several concepts you’ve thought of as really true….you can try on the famous Turnaround to #6!

Which is…..I am willing to _______. In fact, not only am I willing, but I look forward to ______.

I am willing to talk to that man again. Pause.

Think about that for a minute.

What if this was true? What if there was some kind of benefit in this turnaround, for your life personally?

When I got a cancer diagnosis in 2006, a huge bolt of adrenaline shot through me. I would need surgery for sure, to cut it out. And some testing.

I had The Work as a tool by then. I wrote a worksheet on cancer.

It wasn’t very nice, let’s put it that way.

How could I ever, ever consider the turnaround to #6 when it came to cancer?

I am willing to get cancer again.

Jeez. (Head shaking in a NO).

But I sat with it. I knew it could happen….that was reality.

What could be interesting about being willing to have it come along again?

Well….the awareness of having this one limited lifespan.

From that time of having cancer, getting divorced, and losing all my money….I found such powerful strength, I honestly can say without a doubt that I’ve never ever been the same.

I went from extreme introvert to making podcasts and writing these Grace Notes and running retreats, and sharing with so many people my inner life.

I feel like I made a leap on a cosmic level that I always wanted, but couldn’t reach.

It was invaluable.

OK. Yeah. So if that’s what part of the outcome could be….then SURE….

….I am willing to get cancer again.

And Part 2 is where you turn up the volume.

I look foward to it.

“I look forward to talking with that man again.”

“I look forward to getting cancer again.”

“I look forward to eating too much at night again!”

“I look forward to losing all my money again!”

“I look forward to getting divorced, breaking up, being abandoned again!”

I notice, it dissolves the barrier within of bracing against an uncomfortable future.

It takes the defense out of everything.

It opens me up to the pure state of vulnerable surrender that is actually always present.

It gives me a bring-it-on joy that’s relaxing, accepting of all that is, ready for anything, attuned to life on life’s terms.

This is not filling yourself with dread or worry….

….it’s the complete opposite. No holds barred.

It’s putting down carrying the heavy boulder of trying to hold up a future that doesn’t even exist.

It’s claiming…..I’m jumping in, no matter what happens.

Here we go, world!

Can you feel it?

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.” ~ Christopher Reevelookingfuture

Much love, Grace

4 Replies to “I Look Forward To That….Seriously?”

  1. Thank you, Grace.

    Grace Notes are landing here in Seraphi and I thank you.

    I so appreciate your help with The Work.

    Thank you.

  2. It certainty was a turnaround getting rid of the fear head on
    very interesting will read it more closley I think my mind pattern will change up a notch

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