Good News….This Is No Small Thing

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Question your thoughts, see the Good News

The other day, as I listened to the people inquire on the Summer Camp call, I had the thought…..people are absolutely astonishing.

So awake, so full of wisdom.

People have taken a dive in for only the first week out of five, and not everyone can make it to every call of course….

….but the thoughts being investigated for their truth are quite deep and expansive.

Here are a few of what we’ve been delving into so far:

  • I am (insert my name here)
  • I can’t stop with only one (cookie, kiss, thought)
  • I don’t want to be alone
  • I need more money
  • I need to be secure

When looking at stressful thought, we noticed how deeply and quickly it follows a dramatic trail of suffering sometimes.

One second, I’m on the couch being me, no worries.

The next second, a thought enters and I feel fear.

Something about this isn’t safe.

A participant in Summer Camp shared how she feels afraid so much of the time.

This basic very stressful thought is so powerful to question: I am not safe.

The first thing to do if you feel overwhelmed with fear, is to make a list of the top five things.

You might say “I have no idea, I just feel fear and anxiety! I’m an anxious sort of person! It’s terrible!”

Thank you for sharing, mind.

And now, pick just one thing you’ve found personally frightening in your life.

A specific situation.

This helps you get so very close and connected to that memory, that occurrence in your life….no matter how old.

You weren’t safe in that situation?

Is it true?

I notice when I have this belief that I wasn’t safe, every time, I survived.

Which is why I’m writing this now. I’m still here.

So no, it is not true that I wasn’t safe. Ever.

How do I react when I believe it’s possible to be threatened….

….and I have the proof of that particular situation I remember, the one where I thought I wasn’t safe?

I get all freaked out in the moment when I’m remembering it. I might even wake up at night, thinking. Even though I’m lying in bed, and it’s super safe.

Even though nothing is actually happening now….except thinking.

So who would I be without the belief in danger?

Alive. Laughing. Jumping in the water. Asking for help. Sharing. Slowing down. Watching.

Doing The Work.

Who would you be without the thoughts that you are (insert name here) or you need more of anything, or you can’t stop with just one, or you don’t want to be alone?

What if you turned all these around?

  • I am not (insert my name here)
  • I can stop with only one (cookie, kiss, thought)
  • I do want to be alone
  • I do not need more money
  • I already am secure

Could these be just as true, or truer?

I am already amazed by the wisdom and beauty of these fellow inquirers in Summer Camp For The Mind.Everyone brings to me the reminder, the joy and excitement, of what is available right here, right now.Freedom. Security. Safety. Silence. Mystery. Infinity. Trust.

“You’re imagining yourself right out of existence. It’s not a small thing we’re doing here….And there’s nothing that’s not good news, if your mind is right.” ~ Byron Katie speaking in Being With Byron Katie

Much love,
P.S. Summer Camp is still four more weeks starting Wednesday at noon. Click the link to see the schedule, and join us for the un-doing adventure. In a good way.

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