Getting Lost in Disturbed Energy? Ask Someone to join you in The Work.

Don’t go to far into the darkness. You don’t have to do The Work alone!

Last spot available for 3 days in The Work in Seattle starting Friday. We meet in a beautiful private home in Magnolia.

Bring your painful thoughts about your life, the places you get stuck….and leave with lightness and freedom.

Who would you really be, using your brilliant imagination, without your stressful beliefs?

The power of the group can be transformative, and really help you “get” The Work.

(Hit reply if you’re interested, and want to register).

Speaking of groups.

There’s nothing like a full set of ears, eyes, and feelings in the form of a group of people to help you get into your honest personal work.

This happens in any modality.

Where multiple people, or even one other person, are gathered….

….there are more minds involved than only yours.

One mind, questioning itself, can be a bit tricky.

The other people present help you keep steady in your work, not run away mentally or emotionally. No one has to give you advice or tell you what to do, they are simply present to you finding your own answers.

At the monthly meetup last weekend, as always, I loved the contributions, feedback, and sharing from other people even if they weren’t on the hot-seat doing The Work on an important situation.

I’m clapping my hands right now thinking about how awesome it will be to do The Work with a much larger number, and for three whole days, as people assemble to dive into inquiry this coming weekend (including Friday). The majority of the group will be people in Year of Inquiry, but it’s open and accessible to anyone else desiring this kind of freedom from stressful thinking.

The feeling is phenomenal, and so supportive.

Whenever I’ve been stuck in my own work, there’s nothing like feedback from someone else.


Because to get out of your own very seductive story, even when it hurts, is really, really difficult.

It’s like a locomotive going 120 mph down a one-way track!

You start being blind to what’s really true for you. Things get murky, foggy, distorted, hazy.

You’re activated. You’re triggered. You believe you’re in danger, or being criticized, or something’s wrong.

You try to fix it…..QUICK!!

But if you stop and put yourself in a group of people, or even get one other person to be with you as you consider your thinking…..

… incredible thing happens.

You stop freaking out.

If someone asks you…..“Wait, now, are you SURE that’s true?” you get to stop a moment, to pause.

In this pause, you may grasp some awareness and clarity, or sanity, just for a second.

“Imagine that while you’re lost in the disturbed energy you actually do one or more of the things that your mind is telling you to do. Imagine what would happen if you actually quit your job, or if you decide, ‘I’ve held this in long enough. I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.’ You have no idea how big a step down that is. It’s one thing if the disturbance is going on inside of you. But the moment you allow it to express itself, the moment you let that energy move your body, you have descended to another level.” ~ Michael Singer

If someone asks you the next question….”How are you reacting with the thought?” you begin to watch yourself.

You get some breathing room.

If you’re stumped when it comes to the fourth question “Who would you be without your thought?” people can possibly help you.

They can remember who they are without the belief, since they aren’t triggered in that moment.

Connect with others doing The Work.

Hand someone the Four Questions and say to them “ask me these questions, please, and just sit here listening to my answers without saying a thing.”

Anyone can do this work and stop believing what their minds are saying.

What a relief.

Go find a partner, invite people over, go to a group, take a class, join a retreat….get with someone else and do your work together.

You’ll be happy you did.

Much Love, Grace


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