Free First Friday starts 7:45 am PT May 3rd: Let’s Do The Work of Byron Katie!

For those wanting to come along to group tele-inquiry….today’s the day. Connect here at 7:45 am Pacific Time.

We meet for 90 minutes. Come do The work. All you need is pen, paper and open mind.

You are welcome to sit, listen, meditate and not even share at all.

Only 2-3 people usually sit in the hot seat and “do” The Work, but everyone gets to comment or give feedback or share the impact of the work if you choose. 

Quiet, or sharing….it’s all welcome. Bring your questions about The Work if you have them.

The people who do The Work are so inspiring to me, every time.

Brave, willing, honest.

Someone who does The Work might bring the perfect thought out for you, and you get to find some understanding through listening.

To connect successfully, use chrome or firefox (updated), and choose WebCall option if you want to speak and be heard. Choose Broadcast for listen-only (you can share in the chat box feature).

If you want to dial in with your phone, you’re welcome to–don’t forget to enter the pin code: 425-440-5010 pin 305799#.

Again, using the internet, just click this link here.

Looking forward to doing The Work with you for our monthly Free First Friday. So grateful.

Much love,


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