Everyone’s In A Program–Is Yours Peaceful or Run by a Dictator?

Gosh. Yesterday, I had a slightly sore throat and some sneezing. I stayed up late dancing. I didn’t end up writing my daily Grace Note on New Year’s Day.

That happens from time to time (not doing something I normally do every day).

Sometimes around this time of year, people will think “I am going to do X every single day”!

Or…”I am NOT going to do Y ever! I’m quitting that!!!”

Nothing wrong with either one.

Except if you’re coming from the voice of the dictator….without looking more deeply at what got you into that place where you hate yourself, hate your actions, feel frustrated.

Why have you been choosing to Do or Not Do things you really think would be helpful for your life? What’s up about that, anyway?

You can’t just suddenly decide “Damn it, here’s how its gonna be!” without gathering support and feeling at least a tiny bit of love about it, or willingness to understand your patterns.

Otherwise, like I said, the dictator is running the show.

And you know what happens when the dictator runs the show….

….rebellion. Guerilla warfare.


The other day I heard from the sweetest inquirer who is suffering deeply by trying to drown her feelings in alcohol, food, and self-hate.

I remember having the same feelings on that kind of intense scale, so agonizing.

One of the very first steps anyone can take that can change one’s life, totally and completely, in almost inexplicable ways….

….is to share what you’re feeling honestly with other people.

Say it.

Write it.

Go to a meeting.

Go to a support group, a therapy group.

Do The Work with another person who facilitates you.

Hang out with other people who speak the same language and realize you’re not alone.

“I am hurting. I am dying. I am doing things I actually hate doing, that feel painful. How did YOU stop? How did YOU change? I feel powerless over this. I need help. I need to connect.”

In the end, we’re all working a “program” of sorts.

A program to live peacefully in our own skin. To know serenity. To not have to force ourselves to do anything we don’t want to do. To take care of ourselves in the most loving, kind, unconditional way.

Because you are reading this, because you are a human being, you can, and will, find peace even when you believe it’s not available to you. Reality is the Program.

That’s the way of it. It’s just a matter of time.

“Every being in the universe is an expression of the Tao….The Tao gives birth to all beings, nourishes them, maintains them, cares for them, comforts them, protects the, takes them back to itself, creating without possessing, acting without expecting, guiding without interfering.” ~ Tao Te Ching #51

Notice if what you’re thinking feels horrible, or full of dread….or simple and peaceful.

If it’s the first, then you know that what you’re thinking is Not Actually True.

Because truth feels kind, expansive, open, neutral, mysterious, empty, loving, detached, simple.

Connect with others. Why not today?

You’re on the program anyway, it’s not as hard as you think.

Much love, Grace

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