Breitenbush Annual Summer Retreat

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June 12-16, 2019: make your reserverations early. Let’s question our thinking, and have a brilliant summer!

Call Breitenbush to register 503.854.3320.

Have You Been Bothered by inner frustration or wars with circumstances, people, life, yourself? Is it with your body, a client, an ex-spouse, a current partner, money, mother, father, sibling, boss? Who or what is that top-of-the-list source of irritation, sadness, or discouragement? 

Most of us have experienced difficult or troubling situations. What if there was a way to truly end your suffering in an area of great concern for you, by questioning your deepest hidden beliefs?

You know you’ve got a thinking problem….you’d like to feel more positive, powerful, confident and peaceful. You’d like to never snap at your teen, feel irritable with your partner, feel upset with your weight or wrinkles, or feel nervous about money….BUT HOW?

This is how. Join the adventure, come to Breitenbush.

Welcome to The Work of Byron Katie with Grace Bell

Do you see yourself as falling short? Do you feel internal struggle and WAR with what is, what was, or what will be in the future?

Arguments, fighting, rage, irritation, fear, avoidance, nervousness, anxiety, sleeplessness….

So many problems….maybe minor, maybe major….

and then on top of these issues, we think we shouldn’t be worried, we shouldn’t be bothered, and we’re not being spiritual if we’re in emotional or physical pain.

Question Your Thinking, Change Your Life:

The Journey From Disapproval, Resistance and WAR… Acceptance, Allowing and PEACE with Your Life, With You, With Those You Love

26 CEUs for mental health professionals through WA State Society for Clinical Social Work. 24 Credits for Institute for The Work candidates.

June 12-16, 2019

Click Here to Go To Learn More About Breitenbush

(to register or ask any questions about logistics, accommodations, meals or total costs please call Breitenbush Hotsprings Resort 

503-854-3320–the fabulous staff will help you with everything)

$495 tuition for Weds – Sunday program

Accommodations and meals added based on your preferences…you get to choose and there is a wide variety from your own cabin, to a campsite, or a tent platform. It is highly recommended to call and reserve early to get the lodging you most desire.

Take four days to make peace with the life you’ve been living

Give yourself the gift of time to:

    • Learn and immerse yourself in inquiry
    • Rest in a pristine, breath-taking, cleansing environment
    • Come to understand repetitive thoughts about your relationship, your body, the hard situations
    • Question and dissolve fear about getting ill or hurt or discomfort
    • End the war with judgments
    • Free your mind
    • Rejuvenate, cleanse, rest, and renew your body, mind and spirit
  • Enjoy organic vegetarian cuisine in a mountain environment that is free of drugs, alcohol, internet and cell phones

Spend four days with Grace Bell and get to the heart of your most profoundly painful thinking. Transform what you think you know, with The Work of Byron Katie.

Byron Katie
Byron Katie

“Now sweetheart, close your eyes, and go to the place where you are very, very ill….Now see if you can locate the place that doesn’t care. The place that really isn’t bothered by it. It’s there. See if you can locate it—the part of you that is unaffected. The part of you that just watches…..So let that one grow. It cares nothing for control.” ~ Byron Katie

What is The Work of Byron Katie?

The work is a method of self-inquiry that cuts to the heart of stressful thinking, belief-systems and conditioning you have learned. It allows any individual using it to inquire, open, relax, and free themselves from what they’ve assumed to be true.

The process is so simple that even children can use it. It consists of four questions, and then  finding what are called “turnarounds”….looking at the opposites of the thoughts that have produced stress in your life. Many people from all around the world use The Work to question their stressful thinking.

Grace Bell teaches the four questions and turnarounds through over a decade of personal experience and working with others. Certified Facilitator Tom Compton will join Grace this year for a fabulous adventure.

All you need to bring to this workshop is an open and ready mind.  

Come join us in acceptance, honesty and love and give yourself the gift of unconditional freedom, no matter what has ever happened in your life.

What are your stressful beliefs?

  • My body isn’t perfect
  • My kid is having a hard time, failing, difficult
  • My partner is hard to live with
  • I’m single and very upset about it
  • My career is uncertain
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I don’t know what to do
  • My friend betrayed me
  • Someone close to me has died

With inquiry, you may find the following way to live at peace in your life:

  • I love my body and physical state the way it is, and it is ever-changing
  • My kid is a key to my awareness, my kindness, my willingness and power to support
  • My partner is the perfect person for me at this time
  • My single life is ideal for my own personal learning and life path, for now
  • My career is to be who I am, I’m on the right path
  • It’s OK that I don’t know what to do, in fact…this may be the best for me
  • My friend set me free
  • Someone close to me still lives in my heart, forever

WHY Work With Grace?

  • Grace’s experience includes a decade of intimate inquiry with herself, along with clients from all walks of life. Every one of these experiences have proven to be gifts, rather than regrets and torture: getting divorced, dating, abandonment, breaking up, getting cancer,  children injured or suffering emotionally, family members consumed by addiction, ending addiction to food, losing all my possessions, having no money left, finding a new career, rising up from the ashes of destruction….and finding the most amazing freedom.
  • Grace is a Certified Facilitators of The Work of Byron Katie with a rich lifetime of education in the human condition, and a background in coaching, counseling, facilitating and studying spiritual practice and meditation.
  • Dedication to personal ongoing self-inquiry. It’s the way out.
the work of byron katie with grace bell
Grace Bell

Grace’s Story:

On Being Changed From Doing The Work: when I read Loving What Is. 

Here in The Work, I found a way to gently stop my battles with anyone or anything…even the most sad, horrifying, disgusting or irritating things…including the battles I have raged with me. Some examples of my most changed stories, ones that used to be a nightmare and now are exciting and joyful:

  • With food and eating I was bulimic, anorexic, loathing my body, obsessed….now I feel like I did when I was a little child, eating when hungry, stopping when full, delighted with everything and most importantly, not spending time thinking about food, my body, or my weight, ever. 
  • With divorce and relationships, I was terrified, abandoned, anxious, full of rage….now I feel like my former husband is one of my best friends and people I dated were amazing teachers. I discovered I was set free, not abandoned.
  • With money, work and business I was living in hell, sure I wouldn’t have enough, went down to zero in the bank, and believed that working was like being in prison and running a business was embarrassing (having to market or get clients)…now I do what I love every single day, I love work and everyone I encounter, I watch money come and go and know it’s perfect in just those amounts.
  • With sexuality I believed there was so much danger and so much sweetness it was difficult to even talk about (kind of like food and eating)….now it’s a conversation I love and an adventure to investigate, without shame.
  • With parenting I had the deepest fears of inadequacy, anger at the chaos, rage at my children opposing me, terror of my children getting hurt or dying….now I see my experience of parenting is one of most amazing teachings of surrender, love, letting go, and setting others free to live their own lives.
  • With cancer, pain and death I choked up with fear, wondered why this planet had so much and seemed so crazy, hated that my father died so young….now I have my father’s voice with me every day (he is not dead), I had cancer and it brought strange and unexpected gifts, pain is always staying only very briefly, and although the planet still seems beyond comprehension, it is wondrous to behold.

What will our schedule be like? What will we do each day?

Our workshop begins on Wednesday night with a brief orientation to Breitenbush grounds and resort. You may arrive any time during Wednesday (ask Breitenbush for any logistical questions including travel, check in or check out times, how-to’s, and maps of the grounds). You may want to plan to arrive in time for dinner in the great lodge. Our evening begins at 7:00 pm. You will learn the location of our meeting/conference upon arrival.

Breitenbush workshop

During our first evening we will introduce ourselves and The Work, and you will get the opportunity to immediately dive in to the process. You will fill out what is called a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet (see for this forms). We will create a precious, confidential circle for our group of inquirers, people on this journey who are ready to open their minds to new ways of thinking about all the terrible things that happen in life.

Each day during our time together we will visit a variety of exercises to clearly identify, in writing, our painful, angry, despairing thoughts about all the underlying beliefs about life, love, acceptance, worry and death. We will then DO The Work, both in group format where we can hear each other’s answers AND in one-on-one partner work.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will meet from 10:00 am until 12:30, then have a long lunch break for time to both eat and do partner work or arrange body work or massage, or go hiking. We re-group mid-afternoon, and our afternoon session ends by 5:45 pm, just before the lodge opens for dinner at 6:00 pm. We gather again from approximately 7:15 pm until 9:00 pm.

Saturday night following the dinner hour, we hold an optional free-form celebratory dance in the great lodge OR a movie night, open to every guest and staff person at Breitenbush. You may enjoy using this time to move your body, as you are able, however you wish, and experiment with practicing the “turnarounds” you have found throughout the workshop so far. This is a beautiful way to express joy, without words, while living in the body. Every size, shape, skill level, condition and ability is welcome at this dance. The music has huge variety, and is inspiring and powerful.

Every person present in this workshop will learn how to facilitate The Work, or practice it if they already know it. There will be time after each morning, afternoon, and evening session to ask questions of Grace, and to explore a deeper understanding of the process. Each participant will also know how to facilitate themselves through The Work using the One Belief At A Time worksheet by the time they leave the workshop.

Everyone gets free. Sooner or later. So let’s free ourselves of the mind.

The mind is only at war with itself. It’s as though on one side you have the terrified mind, the child, the I-know mind. “I’m so frightened, I’m so frightened! I have cancer, it’s so terrible, I know, I know, I know. I’m sick, I’m going to die.” And then over here, on the other side, we have the mind that is still and quiet and wise. This mind does not move. It rests in its own wisdom. When you put the questions in between them, its like a bridge for this one to travel over.~ Byron Katie

Breitenbush Great Lodge

Breitenbush Hotsprings Resort and Spa is a gorgeous secret spot hidden away in the mountains of Oregon, about 2.5 hours drive south and east of Portland, Oregon.

We choose Breitenbush as our location for this amazing retreat as it is sacred, quiet, contemplative and focused on rejuvenation and revitalization for the body, mind, and spirit. People come to Breitenbush to take in the healing mineral waters, meditate, cleanse their diet, and relax their minds.

At Breitenbush you may choose from a variety of accommodations, from tent platform camping all the way to a lovely cabin or room in the great lodge. Meals are all an amazing, simple, delicious fare of vegetarian beauty. This is a drug, alcohol and smoke-free environment. There is no internet connection. There is no cell phone service (several miles down the road, cell service is accessible). The air is fresh, clear and so clean, it is strikingly uncommon for a resort/spa.

We find that having very fresh, delicious, loving, nurturing meals without some of the stimulating foods out in the “normal” world can be of great assistance to looking at cravings, sadness, scarcity, hunger, fullness, or worry about not having the food you want.

cabin Breitenbush
Breitenbush Cabin

It is only for 4 days….and you may find this an incredible opportunity to eliminate coffee, or look at your intense desire for candy, or examine your relationship to not having red meat. You may find withdrawal from technology is surprisingly difficult at first, or a relief beyond what you imagined. You will be held in a kind, nurturing environment to Cleanse in body, mind and spirit and stay with yourself, with few distractions. And, whatever you need to bring with you (like coffee) then you are welcome.

At Breitenbush, there are natural hot springs near a pristine river, and soaking pools for visiting the hot springs are a part of the beautiful campus. Two areas have built-in soaking tubs in a similar shape to hot tubs or small landscaped pools. These meditative hot pools are open to people staying at Breitenbush, and they are clothing-optional. Some people may be uncomfortable with the nudity at the pools. While many people remove their robes and sit in the pools without clothing or bathing suits, there are also many people who always wear bathing suits. You get to choose for yourself.

Visiting these hot pools is elective and not required for anyone who is staying at the resort. It is not required for anyone attending the retreat. We will never hold classes or conduct any modules near the pools. Nudity is not a part of this program. Our program meets in the educational area assigned for our group, and all meeting rooms and conference rooms are quite far away from the clothing-optional soaking tubs. Our work with you as a participant is to facilitate you in addressing your beliefs about bodies…..the grand beliefs you may have about being limited, small, judged by appearance, vulnerable, sick or hurt.

Breitenbush Pool
Breitenbush Mineral Pool

We are here to assist you with your thinking…..and there are many other activities in which to partake at Breitenbush that are deeply healing and relaxing for the body, mind and soul. Many kinds of body work are offered, including massage that you may book during your time at Breitenbush (be sure to call ahead before you come to guarantee a spot, they fill up fast). There are absolutely incredible hikes with beautiful well-maintained hiking trails. We make sure you have a good mid-day break every single day, to allow integration of the material, and time to enjoy your stay at beautiful Breitenbush. We end our evening sessions at 9:00 pm.

Can I bring my significant other?

Breitenbush is considered a sacred, peaceful, silent and romantic environment. Your partner, spouse or lover is welcome to come stay with you. Please register for your stay through the Breitenbush offices. If your partner would like to participate in the workshop, fabulous….please have him or her register with Breitenbush.  If your significant other would rather use the time for their own quiet pursuits, that’s OK too. You can eat meals together, share mid-day break together, have evenings after 9:00 pm together and mornings until 10 am together. Your partner is welcome to attend the dance on Saturday night.

But it’s too far away, the journey too long, and I don’t have time!

There is something incredible about journeying far into the mountains in Oregon. This is a journey into your own heart and mind….you are taking the time out for you of a very busy life or a very busy mind. It may not ultimately matter where you are in the world when you do The Work, or question any of your stressful thinking, but making the intention to travel to the mysterious misty city of Portland, Oregon, and then into the green, lush, wild acres of mountain range in eastern Oregon is breath-taking. The back road pass into Breitenbush is windy terrain, impassable until spring and it closes every fall for the entire winter. You may also take the highway road that is open year-round to get to Breitenbush.

To travel to Breitenbush is to travel to an inner, special land not always accessible. This is  the same for your mind and your thinking, your inner being. If this is right for you, then taking this time out to venture on this journey could be just what your heart and soul have been yearning for. Get your physical body to this place, and allow your mind to come along as well!

I’m so experienced in The Work, won’t this whole workshop be repeated material?

Pinning yourself down to actually practice The Work sometimes comes with great ease, and sometimes only with some dedicated planning. In daily life…work, family, being in a body, relationships, taking care of your home…there is not always an easy place to land in silence and readiness to do The Work. This is the place. This is the time. You will have 4 full days to experience quiet, rest, joy, laughter, connection with others, connection with yourself through answering the four questions.

Even if you’ve done The Work for years, the camaraderie created with the others in the group alone is worth the journey. The wisdom in the group, the amazing minds working together, offer a gift of investigation and examination like no other setting. This is true for beginners and experienced alike.

Will I be able to do The Work by the time I leave the workshop?

Yes! If you are new to The Work, you will have it solidly understood by the time you leave the workshop. You will learn the process of facilitating others through working with partners during our time together, and you will know how to follow the steps and answer the questions on your own and do The Work with yourself. Grace  (and Susan) will be here to answer any and all questions you have about your work, no matter what level you are at. All you need to bring with you is your mind!

I’ve done The Work on the same thing over and over; my body, my relationship, my career…and it hasn’t changed. Why would this be different?

Often when people choose to do The Work they enter the exploration with a goal of having the difficult parts of their lives, that other troubling person, or their body change. When we have these motives for The Work, they can cloud the full experience. The fear or irritation or the wish for change remains present….there is a deep and compelling urge to have The Work make the problems better! But The Work at its fundamental level is allowing the world, and the body, to be as it is, without stress. From this point of relaxation, you never know what can occur….but in this present moment, there is peace.

If you notice that you have repetitive, ongoing thoughts about your life, this is a most amazing opportunity to move through each question of The Work with an open mind, and no expectations. You may find that you can truly find where nothing in your life or your body has to change in order for you to feel better, be peaceful, or be free. From this point of neutrality, your life, the body and all its parts and conditions becomes a teacher for you….one of your most perfect teachers in your life.

The Work for four days could set you free beyond anything you’ve ever experienced so far, even if you’re not new to The Work.

In this workshop, Grace offers special prompts for uncovering your stressful beliefs about your life. In these exercises, you may discover clarity about what you are truly afraid of.

The most important stressful thoughts to work on, are the ones that are present for you. All your stressful beliefs are welcome here at this workshop.

Do I have to go to the mineral hot springs if I stay at Breitenbush?

No. You may not enjoy soaking in natural hot springs, not everyone does. You might prefer hiking, reading, dancing, doing yoga, socializing and writing in your journal. All workshop meetings are held in our assigned meeting area (to be determined by Breitenbush management before the retreat begins). All meeting areas are some distance from the hot springs and walking distance to the lodge/eating hall.

This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You do not have any stressful thoughts
  • You prefer not to discuss any of your stressful thoughts with anyone else, or would prefer and one-on-one environment
  • You don’t want to commit to answering the four questions many times throughout our time together for 4 days in a variety of ways.

The Work is a method of self-inquiry which is extremely simple, with four questions and then finding the “turnarounds”. Although it is very simple, the process is not always easy or clear, as the questions are very profound and broad, once they are deeply considered. This program is dedicated entirely to The Work and nothing more, so we will remain focused on this method so that you can find your own profound answers. If you are frustrated with engaging in a repetitive process for 4 days, this may not be the place for you.

  • You want to tell your “story”…meaning you want to talk and share all the details of what has happened to you and what is difficult about it and that it is not possible or too hard for you to alter your experience.

Byron Katie has a wonderful saying, which is the title of one of her books “Who Would You Be Without Your Story?”  

Grace has been looking again and again in her life, as so many do who do The Work, at what it means to have a story in the first place, and what it might mean to be without one.

Your story is unique and personal, and there is nothing wrong with having one. Having said that, this work is about releasing your mind from the incessant thinking about the plot, the goal, the past, the future, the roller coaster ride, and the victim-experience of having a “story”. When we really want to tell the story and remain rooted in the story of our troubles, then it’s difficult to see beyond the story into the open mystery of who you are.

In this workshop, we support you to quiet the details of your story, the place where your mind wants to talk about what happened, why it happened, whose fault it was, and how hard it has been. Sharing this is not “wrong” at all, it is natural. But to get into The Work and really answer the questions, the best way we have found is to focus only on one situation at a time, one experience, and then move into investigating that one special situation that you have identified. We will do this around the body. You will be able to find your answers without having to tell every piece of the story…which is the beauty of The Work.

Click Here to Go To Learn More About Breitenbush

(to register please call Breitenbush Hotsprings Resort 503-854-3320)

Retreat Tuition before April  15 is $395, after April 15th is $495 – plus Breitenbush accommodations and meals, based on your preferences

When it’s no longer at war here, it’s no longer at war there—with the body, with cancer, with anybody. When we know we’re going to die, when we really get that, in that moment we realize that we’re not in control. And then we get to watch. We get to watch this beautiful way of it. And love it. And not miss our own death. ~ Byron Katie

If working on the story about your life and questioning those troubling thoughts is something you could use, then come join Grace Bell at this most profound, beautiful, contemplative place and time. This is your life we’re talking about.

If you notice that you’re scared, you have resentments, angst, upset, anger at parents, family of origin, partners, children, your neighbor….you think being in this body is dangerous, you hate the way you look, you’re terrified of getting cancer, you’re repulsed by the shape of your stomach, or the bumpy cellulite on your thighs….then you are NOT ALONE. And even if you criticize yourself for being petty and non-spiritual, you can put your beliefs to rest by questioning your thinking.

Join us for a most unique, powerful, holy 4 days with your mind, and your body, and inquiry. This location and this time is incredibly unique. The space, the silence, the wilderness, the natural environment, the crystal clean….all working together to offer you the mysterious open space to understand yourself and find freedom from your troubled thinking.

I can’t wait to meet you…your body, mind and spirit.

Much love,


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  1. Hello and yes, a bit confusing for sure–it’s actually April 15th!! I have heard from Breitenbush that it’s also first come-first serve which means the discount may actually run out before April 15th based on lodging availability. So this early bird discount is set to help people decide soon and set up their lodging and get enrolled since it really does fill and there’s no more room–it happened BEFORE the early bird date last year. So, while technically the early bird is available for tuition until April 15th (and for those who camp, this may still be available if you aren’t staying in a cabin) it’s good to decide very soon. Just write to me at if you’re told otherwise and I’ll make sure they know at Breitenbush you’ve got the early bird rate until April 15th IF there is still lodging room available. I hope that makes sense! Love to have you there. Much love, Grace

  2. Hello Grace,

    I’m reading at the top of your article that the tuition discount is available until April 1, and then later on, the discount deadline date is noted as March 15. My girlfriend is still trying to decide whether or not to do this with me… Would you kindly clarify the discount deadline? Thanks!

  3. Fantastic Robin, call Breitenbush (it’s in the post above right on this page) and they will help you get registered for the workshop and also signed up for whichever housing you want, and the meal plan while there! I really look forward to meeting you there!

  4. These are CEUs for mental health professionals through the Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work. This applies to all levels of social workers, licensed mental health counselors, certified counselors. You need to check for your credential, but I’ve had psychologists unable to receive these CEUs.

  5. Fantastic! I love the stories from Barstow :) For this particular retreat everything is handled (by requirement) through Breitenbush. They have space for campers and vans, definitely, and they can tell you all your choices for meals (the food is fantastic) and everything about the event and grounds you might want to know. If you have questions about the actual content of the teaching and retreat–that’s my department! :) Call Breitenbush at 503-854-3320 and ask them all about entire costs–they’ll be able to let you know everything.

  6. Hello Grace,
    Love Byron Katie’s WORK, I went to her center in Barstow for a Cleanse many moons ago, change the way I experience my whole life. I’m interested in coming to your event, need to know what the entire cost would be for room and board. If there is a place to use my camper van for accommodations that would be helpful, and if so what would be the cost of space.
    Warmest Regard,
    Cynthia Baumeister (360) 471-7365

  7. Breitenbush Hotsprings Resort is located in the state of Oregon in the USA. You would fly into Portland, Oregon, a major airport, then there are several options for getting to Breitenbush from the airport, including renting a car. The way to find out all your options for room and board is to go to the Breitenbush website itself. They are handling all the options, the accommodations, and taking all the registrations for people for our retreat. There are quite a few different options, and when you make reservations early then you get the choice from many. They range from having your own little cabin, to having a roommate, or staying in a big lodge. Here is the website for Breitenbush. Contact them to help answer your questions: I hope you can make it from Europe!

  8. can you tell me how to get there from europe (uk or France) please? And what is the accomodation cost for a single room and full board? Thanks

  9. Hello Michelle,
    Would love to have you!! There are several people flying into Portland, so perhaps there would be a way to combine transport from there. I also am aware of people driving from Seattle, through Portland, so could send a message to all registrants for transportation carpooling requests. I have found that often, this works! Breitenbush has a ride-share board, too, which can be useful—but I think the best way will be to connect with others also taking the workshop. So yes, it is quite possible to pool resources and not need to rent your own car.

  10. Hi there,
    I would love to take this workshop! Is there any transportation available for those of us flying into Portland, going to Breitenbush? I would hate to have to rent a car.
    Thank you,

  11. I would like to share this info with a friend who doesn’t have facebook. I wondered if you could send me an email with the info on this retreat in Oregon. Thank you.

  12. Hi Analee, I hope you’ve gotten through to Breitenbush? We’re now getting registrations as it’s getting closer and we’ve sent out an announcement on Facebook to the link. It will likely fill up. :) Looking forward to seeing you there.

  13. Thank you dear. If you haven’t already found it, you can enter you email into the right-hand side bar on my website and you’ll get Grace Notes in your Inbox. I write about 5 days a week. You can unsubscribe any time by clicking the link at the bottom. I’m also on Facebook Page: Work With Grace-Byron Katie Coach. Thanks for being here! Thanks for letting me know it appears hard to reach me, that’s helpful. Let me know if you have further details on that so I can adjust or make it easier. I love hearing from people. –Love, Grace

  14. Love your teachings….Would love to follow….Appears hard to reach you, as others have written. TY

  15. Absolutely fabulous Analee. The actual Breitenbush offices are quite old school and unfortunately I am not that surprised you haven’t gotten through! I will send an email, though, to check in with what’s going on down there. Meanwhile, I’m sure your efforts will be rewarded! :) So excited that you’re coming!

  16. I have tried to register by calling Breitenbush more than once. At present I am awaiting a return call. I am looking forward to this retreat. Thank you

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