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Goldilocks Cottage Seattle

Welcome! Delighted you are here and interested in live, in-person events. 

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1) Mini Retreats! Saturday Afternoons 1:30 – 5:30 pm In The Work: Question Your Thinking, Change Your Life, Mindful Based Stress Reduction Through Self-Inquiry. 4 CEUs for mental health professionals. 

Mini retreats are open to everyone. Every level is welcome, beginner to experienced. We begin with contemplating our most stressful situation to bring to inquiry, and writing a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet.

We then move deeply into the exact steps and process of this powerful inquiry known as The Work of Byron Katie.

Step One, you get to slowly fill out a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet, identifying your honest thoughts about your troubling situation. Step Two, you get to take at least one of your stressful beliefs through inquiry, and come out of the other side with new awareness, new possibility, and a different perspective.

People have found surprising and profound freedom from this new lazer form of insight….and used it with clients, family members, and friends who are interested in trying it out.

Come see what freedom feels like! Do The Work.

“I did The Work, because I was in a hurry.” ~ Byron Katie

Saturday mini retreat afternoons include handouts, tea, and snacks. Sign up for first Saturday for $70, all subsequent afternoons $55. Earn 4 CEUs for mental health professionals through the Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work.

Mini-Retreats Next Up: April 2, 2016

2) 3 Day Retreat May 13-15, 2016. $395. Immersion in Seattle in The Work of Byron Katie. Beautiful private location. We start at the beginning with identifying stressful thought patterns and situation in our lives, whether from long ago or more recent. We capture these stressful concepts on paper, beginning with the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet. Often, with the power of the group and the collective experience, and the facilitation of an experienced inquirer like Grace, new concepts surface during retreat so you can clearly see what you think that troubles you.

We move into inquiry with the four questions, and finding turnarounds, using this powerful process to discover new possibilities, freedom, and imagination. Suffering unravels, limits are dissolved….sometimes from long ago that you may not have been aware you were holding.

During our time together, you’ll learn some exercises that can assist you to dive more deeply into your own process of self-inquiry and freedom from stressful thinking. You’ll have the opportunity to list your complaints, see where you are seeking love, approval or appreciation in your life that isn’t serving you well, receive facilitation on your unique process, and bring fresh ideas to sometimes very old and repetitive behaviors and thoughts about life, relationships or a condition you perceive as difficult.

Grace also loves looking into the experience of “desire” and the ways it is joyful, rather than painful and full of absence, danger and loss. Everyone will get the opportunity to consider one thing they desire in their lives, and inquire into what blocks them as they move towards their vision.

This retreat is offered as a part of the Year of Inquiry to all sincere inquirers who join for an entire year via teleconference (plus two retreats) but has a few open spots for people wanting a three-day experience. Approximate hours for each day (subject to change) are 9:30 am-12:30 pm, 2:00-5:00 pm, and 7:00-9:00 pm (movie night on Saturday night). Retreat ends on Sunday at 5:00 pm.

To sign up for this retreat (if you are not in Year of Inquiry) please click the paypal button here. The fee is $395. Make sure you communicate to Grace ( which dates you are selecting.

to enroll in 3 Day Retreat

3) Annual Breitenbush Retreat with Grace, always at the end of June–register by calling Breitenbush.

Breitenbush Hotsprings, Oregon! Every summer: The Work of Byron Katie with Grace Bell, (Susan Grace Beekman assisting). We will do The Work of Byron Katie on our  most stressful relationships, whether with our body, money, our spouse, friend, family member, or food….join us.

June 22-26, 2016 Weds dinner through Sunday lunch. $495 tuition, plus room and board in the amazing and nurturing environment of a natural spa. Early bird tuition $395 before May 1, 2016. Registration opens annually in the late fall/winter. This will fill to capacity, register early for best lodging choices and to guarantee your spot for a fabulous summer retreat to turn around your troubles. Register by calling Breitenbush 503-854-3320.

4) Eating Peace Retreat:

An intensive for looking at beliefs about food, eating and diet…..investigating and finding the truth for ourselves, in order to become free.  You can be a beginner or advanced in The Work. A great preparation is to read Loving What Is and receive at least one session of facilitation in The Work, whether from a friend, your spouse, someone else close, a trained facilitator, the Help Line (free service on before you attend. $347 includes program materials. Click here to register now: 

Depending on the location, there may be local participants who have space available in their homes for out-of-town participants, ask about this option by writing to

5) One Day Workshop Turning Relationship Hell To Heaven:

Almost always held on a Saturday. Bring your most painful thoughts about relationships in general, or one specific relationship in your life, and bring it to inquiry using The Work. Find out how to free your own mind and experience through questioning your beliefs. You can change your entire world!

To register for any in-person retreat, click on the Buy Now button and enter in the total fee manually. Scroll down to find the fee for your particular workshop, or send an email to to ask any questions. You do not need a paypal account, and you will be able to use any card of your choice, if you like. You can also register via regular mail by sending a check to: Grace Bell, Work With Grace, 17102 Brentwood Place NE, Seattle, WA 98155