How To End A Facebook Freakout!

Yesterday I rediscovered a cool picture I bought rights to as I combed through laptop files. I decided it needed to go into one of my online places.

Somehow, this led to completely reorganizing my website appearance by a new photo in my kitchen, changin’ up the pages…and then…

….suddenly deciding without having planned it to recreate my facebook page, the one connected to my private practice (click here to “like” it by the way)!

I was rockin’ it. Bad ass business page creative.

Yeah! DIY!

I got so excited I decided to share by creation on my regularfacebook profile, the one most people have for facebook with all your friends, family, events, connections, photos and all that stuff.

I said “Hey look at this cover photo thingy, I just made this on my business page!”

I was feeling proud.

Eight hours later, I was back on facebook quick looking up an address for an event.

There was my little share. From eight hours ago.

With not one comment, not one “like”, not one “cool” or “good job” or ANYTHING. Not even from my mom.


A few thoughts kicked in immediately from the peanut gallery:

No one likes what I made! They think it’s ugly….it’s too pink, I knew it! Nobody cares about my work/business life, people are ignoring my business side!

Nobody cares! They’re rejecting me!

Oh. Heh heh.

Not you, BTW.

Who was I yelling at anyway?

Good question.

Fabulous for inquiry around business, money, being noticed, attention…just in case you ever have these kinds of stressful thoughts yourself.

I noticed the most stressful thoughts were not so much that no one had noticed my post….

….but assuming they ignored it intentionally for some reason. Like probably because it had to do with my business.


I’ve only looked at this 100 times when I first started my business and needed to figure out how to get my message out into the world but was mortified with embarrassment at doing so.

You shouldn’t ever brag, or talk about yourself, or request money for services…

…or proudly show people your new DIY facebook business page cover.

Being Mother Teresa and doing everything for free is better.

Is that true?

Yes. Wait. No. No!!

It’s not true!

Where did I get that idea that seems to run so deep?

How do I react when I believe I shouldn’t get too over-excited about my work, and I shouldn’t brag about doing a business type activity?

Furious. Misled. Full of self-doubt.

Who would I be without the belief that talking about business and money is a delicate subject?!

Joyfully moving forward! Learning like gangbusters! Bragging all over the place–in a good way! Inspiring other people! Trying new things (like learning picmonkey to create facebook cover thingies)!

I turn the thought around: I’m rejecting myself and others all because of a flash moment of inactivity on the web. 


“Spare yourself from seeking love, approval, or appreciation–from anyone. And watch what happens in reality, just for fun.” ~ Byron Katie

Even in a little moment of confusion, or wondering, or putting something out there that doesn’t get noticed….perhaps it doesn’t even get admired or well-received….

….who would you be if you spared yourself from seeking any approval?


Much love, Grace

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