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Go at your own pace with Eating Peace principles
Go at your own pace with Eating Peace principles and exercises

Welcome to Eating Peace Process: the Complete Recovery Course. I also call this your Eating Peace PhD.

The next online Eating Peace Extended Full Online course begins November 2017-January 2018 The whole program is based on study, in-depth student interviews, evidence based research on addiction/compulsion recovery, and the brilliance of self-inquiry! 

Sign ups will begin in the fall. When you join, you have lifetime access.

  • (Not currently open for registration) Eating Peace ProcessPay in Full
  • Eating Peace Process and pay the first monthly fee: First payment for Eating Peace.

Anyone can end the fight, struggle, argument or stress involved with eating, food, weight, or exercise….It’s your birthright to live peacefully with the experience and joy of eating.

If you don’t feel entirely peaceful with eating, then likely somewhere in your life, it got mixed up along the way with thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

When you say “I’m too fat” or “I can’t stop” or “there is something wrong with me” the cycle of guilt and self-criticism continues. When you say “I just need to go to the gym” or “I don’t have enough willpower” you’re attempting to jump to solutions, and they almost never last or work in any long-term permanent way.

When you eat not because you’re hungry for food, but because you’re hungry for love or safety, you won’t find it.

But there is a way to enter into the experience of peaceful eating, permanently. How do I know?

Because it happened for me.

I was a binge-eater, bulimic, anorexic, tortured by violent thoughts about food, weight, and eating. I weighed too much, yo-yo’d up and down, and hated my body. I felt nervous around large quantities of food. I said things like “I can’t keep x in my house or it will be gone like the wind!!”

But it’s over now. Food can be wherever it is, including covering a huge buffet table in my presence, and it doesn’t scare me or create anger or make me say things like “careful! stay in control!”

That kind of unrest can be over for you, too.

This approach to Eating Peace gathers three vital and important principles together, and lives out of them:

  1. Eating (or any activity and consuming) is a part of the flow of in and out, up and down, of life….and everyone can live eating peacefully with that flow, like the tides going in and out…..everyone. Without any upsetting fluctuation in weight.
  2. Eating, food, and body image has grown to have more importance in your world than it should….you can find out what you need instead of food or eating, clarify your own eating peace food plan (don’t be scared by the word plan, it doesn’t mean diet–you will decide your own plan), learn what you need to say “no” to in your life, and question the stressful lies you’ve been believing that drive off-balance eating.
  3. Eating that isn’t peaceful is a deep, internal, often unconscious invitation to growth and expansion in your life, a deep desire to return to balance. Perhaps this area is something completely different than what appears (food, eating, body image, weight). No matter what is happening in your life, you can stop eating compulsively. You don’t have to figure out all your feelings, resolve dilemmas, or feel good all the time. (You won’t). You can still stop overeating or eating obsessively or thinking about food.

How do we discover, with awareness, care, attention and unconditional love, how to change our eating for the rest of our lives, so we never feel the need to find a solution again?

The Eating Peace Process with Grace approach dives into changing at a profoundly deep level, so you actually become free and find a balanced weight without any dieting. We work in the realm of mindfulness, feelings, watching thoughts and self-inquiry. When we question and alter our beliefs, thoughts, feelings…..then anything can change in the suffering we experience, including the way we eat. You do not have to be controlled, or to follow, the directives of your unquestioned thoughts. You can discover how to do nothing, and end the cycle. Think – Feel – Act – Have looks like joyful, happy, balanced eating because your thoughts are no longer frightened, violent, confused or arguing with reality. And even when you are stressed, or scared….you do not have to eat if you aren’t hungry!

Eating Peace Online begins in November 2017. The entire program is 4 very comprehensive modules with live Q & A and The Work every week from November through January, 2018 with 2 timezone options (Tues 4:00 pm PT, Thursday 8:00 am PT). You’ll have support as we approach the brand new year on our calendar, and go through all those holidays (where eating often plays a big role).

This course will help ground you in principles of awareness, sincere commitment, and self-inquiry to point you to true freedom when it comes to food, eating and your body or weight…without forcing the process in a driven way.

In the privacy of your own home or environment, you’ll get to listen and watch a step by step presentation covering 4 powerful modules of what I’ve found required for genuine long-term transformation with eating, put together by Grace Bell (that’s me), recovered anxious/violent eater and restrictor/starver, to discover your own way to permanent peace through self-inquiry and a commitment to your peace….not a new diet.

And here’s something awesome about this program: when you register, you’re in for life. This means, next year if you want to review or enter the deep practice of quiet and freedom when it comes to eating (or compulsion with anything) you are welcome to join us. Always.

It is possible to end your obsession and concern with food, forever.

I’m living proof.

No control or rigid plans are necessary. (Although you will learn how to review, refine and clarify your own eating and continue to stick with peace).

I show people how to dive very thoroughly and deeply into their inner life with food–feelings, unconscious fears and needs, and imagined stressful beliefs–and bring them into light.

Through this awareness, the battle ends, and food is no longer a problem.

  • Module 1: Your Mind and How To Identify, Then Question Limiting and Untrue Thoughts About Food, Eating and Your Body
  • Module 2: Your Feelings and How You Can Make Friends With Them So They Don’t Lead You To Use Eating (or Not Eating)
  • Module 3Your Body and Learning To Open To Pleasure, Taking Care of You, Making Eating Peace Yours and Accepting What Is
  • Module 4Your Eating Peace Practice….Using Your Tools and Continuing The Adventure

You’ll become powerfully aware of your own inner life and beliefs that drive off-balance eating, mindfulness practices you can begin to use to understand your relationship with eating, as well as Eating Peace principles, which are ways to work with the mind, feelings, the needs of the body.

Eating Peace Online Program: Along with the pre-recorded presentations you can follow along on your own time, each week there are practice sessions for self-inquiry where everyone comes to the call live to do The Work, facilitated by Grace Bell. These are live dial-in sessions (skype or phone or listening on your computer). Live coaching calls are  Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 pm Pacific Time and Thursdays 8:00-9:30 am Pacific Time, between November 14, 2017 – January 18, 2018. Everything is recorded including our live sessions together–so it is not necessary to come to anything “live” in order to complete this home study program.

This is a very comprehensive course with several presentations for each module. Continue reading for information about what’s inside every module, the lesson topics, and what you’ll expect to learn or practice.

Here’s exactly how the program works:

You’ll receive instant access to this powerful and comprehensive signature program after you sign up, beginning November 11th. You’ll have access for life including upgrades, changes, additional bonuses.

First, you’ll watch a webinar/presentation that you can access on your own time. It will always be available for you, to watch, pause, download, repeat as needed or desired. Tuesday and Thursday LIVE coaching calls are additional Q & A and self-inquiry in The Work of Byron Katie. Along with helping you identify your stressful thoughts when it comes to food and eating (and other stressful issues as well), Grace facilitates, everyone does The Work.

For live sessions, you will choose to either dial-in with your phone or by clicking the event link on your computer (WebCall), and we’ll dive deeply into self-inquiry and questioning and dissolving stressful beliefs around food, eating, and the body….and any related painful beliefs. Access is free from anywhere in the world when you use WebCall, and our phone number is a US number for those wanting to use phone or skype. Everything is open for inquiry. When you question your troubles, your world can change. All Live Calls are recorded and you can listen later and follow along, instead of attending live.

There will be written homework and reflection, as a part of this entire process. You’ll have action plans, rather than just theory or new ideas. The movement here, for this program, is towards experiencing eating peace. My personal goal is to help you achieve peace with food for the long-term, and be finished with dieting, special food plans, weighing and measuring, and self-criticism….forever.

Here’s the blueprint of the program:

Foundation, Introduction and Overview of entire course. The mind loves maps! You will cover what will be offered for every module, every week, during our 3 months together. We’re pulling out the xray vision, so you can see what’s really happening more clearly, and what drives your off-balance eating.

Module One: MIND. The MIND module begins our journey. We look at the order of creation, as written in many theoretical and philosophical observations about human behavior: Think – Feel – Act – Have. We start with the mind, the center of “thinking” to see where and how we need to think differently, in order to be happy with eating.

  • Assessment. What’s going on? Let’s observe, without judgment, what we do that’s not working. You’ll create an Awareness Map of your eating.
  • Making friends with Thinking and Imagination. What happens when you get hungry? What happens when you get full? What’s going on in your mind and thoughts? Dissolving the Sin-Guilt-Punishment Cycle. How can we use imagination for peace instead of war? Find out here.
  • The most common beliefs running when it comes to food and eating. Stopping the habits of self-defense and closing. Avoiding pain and chasing pleasure, and how that fits into food and eating disturbances.
  • Exploring your immunity to change, or what’s holding you back (sometimes unconsciously). We learn what we’re most afraid of, that prevents true change.

Module Two: FEELINGS.   In the FEELINGS module we’ll look at three key feelings that fuel eating anxiety: Powerless, Afraid and Empty. You’ll get introduced to your Fairy Godmother, Wise Guide or Compassionate Advisor. Grace will give you the medicine (practices) she’s used over time, to create health and healing around food (and any stress!)

  • What is powerlessness and how do we work with it or notice it? We begin to gather our personal medicine bundle. Understanding masculine and feminine energies when it comes to food and eating.
  • What is being empty? Focus on Feeling-ness (Bigger Than Mindfulness), Deficiency and Grasping when it comes to eating patterns, Rejecting or Bolting–two of the biggest reactions around food, and the emptiness of boredom.
  • What are we afraid of? How do we work with the feeling of fear, in any form whatsoever (very small worry to full-blown terror)? How can our Inner Mentor or Fairy Godmother help with this? Accessing kindness, self-care and pleasure to support our freedom with food and eating. Exposing the fears bring awareness, and we can make a plan for how to handle them, without willpower, without deprivation.

Module Three: BODY.  We look in the Body Module at Physical sensation, fullness and hunger, weight and judgment, and ACTION.

  • Leaving Weight-Hate, Mirror Work in depth.
  • Observing, Looking at Data, moving from where you are to where you want to be, with ease.
  • Feeling hunger and fullness, experiencing your diet your way, beliefs about nutrition and body, really committing to your own eating peace process food plan, whatever it looks like (and it must include the hunger-fullness scale).
  • Our food plan/way of eating: Becoming very clear about the Eating Peace experience with food and eating so you feel it in your body.
  • Action: Watching our actions, movements, direction and learning what motivated or inspired it…watching things change – Revisiting our immunity to change exercise
  • Saying No and how trouble with saying NO fits into food and eating troubles,

Module Four: TRANSFORMATION. Your Eating Peace Practice. Unconditional Love and Transformation. We investigate what “Doing Nothing” means and how to use this rested approach further in food and eating. Simplicity, Patience, Compassion (the three things we need to work with anything, according to the Tao Te Ching). Source and Center–how to stay in the middle which is our practice. Observation as a spiritual path. You will create your own map and guidance for where to go from here, and to continue your transformation into permanent eating peace.

  • Self-Compassion: daily practice – your own Eating Peace map to use.
  • Silence and the Wisdom of Doing Nothing. Can we go limp when having a worry, a craving, a concern? What can we trust? How do we keep this simple? Journaling, support team, The Work as a way of life.
  • Your Vision of Peace. Can we stay with the mystery of this work, and be patient with ourselves? Yes, it is possible. You’ll know what to do if you get off track, and how to treat an off-balance moment with welcome.
  • Expanding your life: See where to explore that has nothing to do with food or eating that satisfies you (based on Artists’ Way)
  • Living Your Turnarounds: Clearly working with the new images, words, feelings you find as you’ve questioned your thinking.

Exact dates of live inquiry sessions–all times are Pacific Time:

Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 PT: November 14, 21, 28, December 5, 12, 19, 26, January 2, 9, 16 (2018)

Thursdays 8:00-9:30 am PT:  First call is Thursday, Nov 16, 23, 30, December 7, 14, 21, 28, January 4, 11, 18  8:00-9:30 am PT

Eating Peace Retreat in person in Seattle is January 11-15, 2018 and offered separately from online Eating Peace program–however, those who enroll in both receive $100 off retreat). Retreat begins Thursday night, ends Monday at noon.

To register for Eating Peace Online, a comprehensive deep immersion in online emotional eating recovery, click the one of the links below to enroll.

When you join, it includes lifetime access. 

For those who need a payment plan, there is a 12-payment alternative with first payment at the beginning (prior or on 11/14 when registration closes) and then monthly through 10/2018.

To register for Eating Peace Online click the link below for the total $997 or pick the alternative button for your first payment of $97 depending on your payment choice. Can’t wait to see you inside the program.

Click here to register for Eating Peace Process and pay in fullPay in Full

Click here to register for Eating Peace Process and pay monthly for 12 months $97 per month: First payment for Eating Peace. You agree to a monthly payment of $97 for 12 payments.

Special Discount: Anyone wanting to travel or come to Seattle 3 day Eating Peace Immersion Retreat January 11-15, 2018 receives a gift certificate of $100 off retreat program early bird rate (normally $585 early bird/$685 regular program fee). Those who sign up who are also enrolled in Eating Peace Online will pay only $485 for the retreat.

Praise for Eating Peace Online:

I like this format a lot, the presentation, which I like to watch and hear via the recording so I can pause it. And then the interactive work on live calls. Also, this particular subject, with its emphasis on feelings, seems to be particularly “opening” for me. With gratitude! 

Thank you Grace! The format was great. I liked seeing the slides and I enjoyed typing responses more than speaking them out loud. I also enjoyed hearing the beautiful ways that people wrote their own responses. I also like how you summed up the techniques we already have been given at the end… it makes me feel more organized and less confused. 

In this program, I never lost interest, there was never anything that did not feel like it didn’t apply to me in some way. Some things really stuck for me, like the Stop/Go dialogue and the emphasis on using imagination – who would I be? I love one weekly gathering where we don’t talk. I SO appreciate this topic – this is so huge for me and I’m so glad you gave this class. I would take the entire 12 weeks again!

Grace is like the fairy godmother who is objectively and lovingly looking at what’s going on in behavior, thoughts and feelings. The content of the class felt comprehensive and well thought out. I would certainly recommend the course. Thank you.

Grace, you have a REMARKABLE ability to embrace anything that comes into our Work, and weave it in. I love your light-hearted but serious style, and that you can tell your own stories. Looking back at what I wanted to get out of the program, I can say that I got a lot more than I imagined. Thanks, so much.

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    just listen to your podcast on i tunes love it. love that you are clear funny helpful. thank you so much your notes have been so important in my daily life i delete most of the mails and it s such a pleasure to read your notes with powerful insights. obrigado

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