Eating Peace Video #3 – Three Treasures To Help You End Emotional Eating

The Tao Te Ching says that there are three treasures it has to teach: Simplicity, Patience and Compassion.

You can use these to heal your life with food.

Except….don’t use them to taunt yourself, criticize how not-good-enough you are, or how you’re falling short of the desired goal.

In this video today, I explain how to avoid the tendency to be extreme, which happens a lot with compulsive or emotional eating, and be TRULY simple, patient and compassionate with yourself.

ALSO, if you want a whole conglomeration of many of the tools, medicine and healing items I’ve used to recover completely from compulsive and emotional eating, or thinking about food….

….then head over to the webinar recording I did live last Wednesday.

You may have watched already…but if you haven’t, give it a shot.

It was fun!

Here’s one note I received from someone who attended the webinar:

Dear Grace,
It was fantastic.
Clear, thorough, an in-depth simplicity, useful.
The potter in me speaking found the images of raw clay–bowls, throwing–particularly beautiful.
Thank you and with love, J

I loved the questions and feedback I received, and I’m here to serve you if you seek help in this area. It is my deepest commitment and joy to be on the helping end of this whole eating issue, someone who is assisting in the healing of all of us, rather than fueling the fire of dis-ease around eating.

To access the webinar recording, CLICK HERE. You’ll enter your email, but you won’t be double-subscribed to this list, don’t worry. Look for the webinar link in your Inbox.

I’d love your feedback on what’s confusing, what is difficult to implement, what works for you.

“Some say that my teaching is nonsense. Others call it lofty but impractical. But to those who have looked inside themselves, this nonsense makes perfect sense. And to those who put it into practice, this loftiness has roots that go deep.” ~ Tao Te Ching #67

After the 12 week Eating Peace Program gets rolling on Sunday morning, I’ll be sending out news, a video, or some tip or insight to you all once a week. As of this moment, there are a few spots available in Eating Peace, so click HERE or write if you’re interested.

It’s gonna be awesome.

You can heal your relationship with food, no matter how far gone you think you are.

Much love,


4 Replies to “Eating Peace Video #3 – Three Treasures To Help You End Emotional Eating”

  1. Hello Carmen, thank you so much for asking. I am putting the link in tomorrow’s Grace Note and Eating Peace note..I couldn’t figure out how to send it to your directly, and you are not the only one who has asked! (I must have forgotten to include it!)–Much love, Grace

  2. Dear Grace,

    Maybe I missed it, but I did not see a link to your webinar in the Grace notes yet. I checked the one that is next to this one (the “tomorrow” one) and I don’t see it. Could you please tell me if it is available?

    much love from Carmen

  3. Nancy! Thanks for asking, and I’m so glad the videos were helpful, that’s awesome. I will put the webinar link in a Grace Note tomorrow, you are not the only person who has asked! –Much love, Grace

  4. Grace, these videos are immediately helpful to me. And, I am already looking forward to watching them again! I’ve seen in your posts as well as the videos a reference to the webinar. If it’s still available for viewing, could you direct me to it? I haven’t been able to locate it.
    I look forward to doing another class or workshop with you again.
    With thanks and love,

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