Eating Peace: it’s your right to eat peacefully…these jewels help you do it

Webinar on Sunday, November 8th. 8:30 – 10:00 am. Share this email with others who may be seeking peace with eating. Learn six jewels to carry with you on the journey to peaceful eating.

(Also, two more webinars on Tuesday and Wednesday morning Nov. 10th and 11th both at 9:00 am. Open to everyone. I’ll be sure to send out news on how to join—put it on your calendar now).


The journey to Eating Peace feels like a long one, if you’ve experienced eating angst over and over again, weight up and down, discouragement, failure, or repeated attempts to get this handled.

Everyone has a right to eating with peace, though.

Everyone has the absolute capacity for eating peace.

There are six beautiful jewels to use, like provisions for your journey, that support your freedom in every way.

Understanding each one, and how to use it well, is very important if you want an easier, simpler, more direct route from war to peace.

Here are the jewels I’m talking about:

  • Acceptance
  • Allowing
  • Identifying your thoughts
  • Questioning
  • Doing Nothing
  • Being/Receiving

Now, I know these are big generalized words that sound nice, but they kind of mean nothing unless I can explain more about how they’ve worked for me and what I mean.

Today I touch on these six jewels in this short video.

I don’t fully explain them all, it’s true.

But maybe you’ll begin to wonder about where you aren’t accepting, or what you don’t allow, just because I said the words “Acceptance”and “Allowing”.

Maybe you’ll consider what you might be thinking that causes stress, or fear, or lack of love, or loneliness…..which in turn causes eating to be off balance.

You might wonder about questioning all the things you think. You might open up to the idea that you don’t really know what’s true.

Even thoughts like “I shouldn’t eat after 6 pm” or “I have to push myself to exercise” or “there is something wrong with me.”

You might realize with the words “Doing Nothing” that you’re always thinking about what you should do.

You can hardly slow down, and it’s difficult to imagine doing nothing…..including Not Eating when you aren’t hungry, or starving yourself when you are.

Maybe you’ll get the sense of adding more Being to your life. Being who you really are. Relaxing, enjoying yourself as a human, not always trying to self-improve.

I have found, when I feel peace, I receive exactly what I need (no more, no less).

I am not hungry emotionally, I am not upset with myself for feeling a feeling.

I am faulty and imperfect and it’s funny instead of dreadful.

I hope you’ll join me for more in-depth conversation and teaching about these jewels that help so much to support peace within, and with eating.

When you think peacefully, with willingness and openness….

….not denying any difficult feeling, and not being against it either….

….then you will eat peacefully, too.

Let me know what your biggest questions are about eating.

What are you concerns, the areas you experience war, the places you feel the worst about eating?

Send me your questions by hitting reply, or by leaving a comment below the video on youtube.

I can’t wait to work with the wonderful group gathering to learn these principles and take a 3 month adventure together, for greater understanding and peaceful eating. Your questions, even if you aren’t joining right now, help me to prepare.

Eating Peace: It's your birthright to eat peacefully
Eating Peace: It’s your birthright to eat peacefully



P.S. Eating Peace Online: 12 Week Immersion to address emotional eating and move from war to peace. We start November 17th. Join before November 11th for the huge 30% discount.

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