Eating Peace: Healing Eating Wars With Mind, Feelings, Body, Spirit

If you got the chance to watch my webinar on many in’s and out’s of healing eating troubles, thank you.
I was going through the webinar the other day and realized at the end, I talk about my upcoming online Eating Peace 3 month program….and the dates are for last autumn.
I did teach the course last autumn!
But now….it’s February!
And many of you have written me to ask….well, heck, are you teaching the online class again soon and how do I sign up?
That would be YES.
Registration actually opens tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day. I’ll send a quick, short email with details in the morning with how to register.
But such a comprehensive program may not be right for you, right now. That’s OK. It’s a pretty intensive, full program, with weekly webinars and additional weekly live calls for questioning stressful thoughts using The Work of Byron Katie. There’s only one week off between each module and we go all the way until the very end of May!
Click through to my website to read all the details about the entire program and how it works right HERE….
….but meanwhile….
….here’s a video where I expand on the areas I studied, all of which came together in a big interconnected way for healing:
Mind, Feelings, Body and Spirit.
In the video in each area, I give you a really vital key you can use for changing your relationship with food and eating.
Start to use these tools and principles.
As you change your inner world when it comes to food and eating, you help change the experience of eating from agony to joy.
When you feel the joy of being alive, having a body, and eating, you spread the joy just by being yourself.
Then more and more people can become free from self-condemnation when it comes to food, or compulsion with food, or terrible violent thoughts and behaviors with food.
“There is something better than endlessly pushing the boulder of obsession up the mountain: putting it down. And if you are willing to refrain from dieting and needing an instant solution, and if you want to use your relationship with food as the unexpected path, you will discover that God has been here all along….In each moment of kindness you lavish upon your breaking heart or the size of your thighs, with each breath you take–God has been here. She is you.” ~ Geneen Roth
Enjoy! And leave a comment, I love to hear how these ideas work in your life:

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