Eating Peace: Going Deeper Into The Moment You Reach For Food

Studying your experience when you feel compulsive, or overwhelmed with the urge to eat, or like you’re in a fist fight with craving….

….can lead to absolutely wonderful insight.

You think it can’t.

You might say “I already know what I need to do about cravings or compulsive urges to eat….I need to shut them down and control myself!”

But no.

I noticed this never, ever worked. Not in the long run.

So without fighting the moment or feeling repulsed about looking, let’s slow down and study what’s happening, in slow motion.

After you watch, let me know in the comments what you notice about your own craving moments. What else was going on, before you felt like eating? What were you feeling? What didn’t you like about your situation?

Lots of Peace, Grace

8 Replies to “Eating Peace: Going Deeper Into The Moment You Reach For Food”

  1. Touching to read the wisdom, recognizing what was available and what was not. Catching those patterns with awareness is more than you realize, it creates a crack in the opening so you can slow down, change the pattern at some point. Thanks for writing.

  2. Thanks … yes, there is an inner cry from my gut, my inner child wants acceptance and nurturing, the only thing he was allowed whilst the body was growing up, was a constant supply of food, what ever, when ever he wanted, this was the big YES … most other personal needs were ignored or denied … the big NO. Becoming aware of old patterns from childhood, inner child healing, nutritional needs etc … thanks for your presence.

  3. Hi Grace,
    You asked why I didn’t sign up. Well, I am traveling and have irregular access to Internet. Thanks for posting – I enjoy reading about your thoughts and hearing how to apply The Work.

  4. Oh my! I should have written “for those who are NOT signed up for the class, I’d love some feedback”–you are absolutely signed up and all good, so that question didn’t apply to you. Hugs, Grace

  5. Thank you for posting the video!

    I did not sign up for the workshop because I overlooked the email. I’m not sure what the pricing is for the workshop but I’d be interested in participating in the future.

  6. Hi Grace, I have to say this email gave me high aniexty for a moment or two. I have such a hard time with technology I thought wow I didn’t sign up for the class? What class am I in then? I am enrolled in the 3 month program on line with live calls wednesdays. Is this the class you think I did not sign up for or is there another? I would love to go old school and talk with you, my phone number is 206-963-99997, if you get a chance give me a call
    I truly appreciate you and the work you do.

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