Eating Peace: Go Limp

Most people when they think about trying to stop overeating, or obsessing about food, or trying to be perfect when it comes to eating….
…are told that your solutions for this dilemma are to change your diet, study nutrition, or get into personal training.
Not that there’s anything wrong with these. They can make a HUGE difference, and sometimes completely change peoples’ lives.
But in my deep recovery….
….and what I mean by recovery is NEVER thinking about what I ate my last meal or what I “should” eat later, not making foods “good” or “bad” with moral values attached, and never ever weighing myself or caring….
….I found that real peace comes from slowing down, questioning your stressful beliefs, and being with yourself with the greatest unconditional love.
As I’ve mentioned before (I know, like 1000 times) if you’re wondering where to begin, the best place is to write.
Here’s the next video about what else you might write in this journal, to understand yourself better, and your own mind and feelings.
And my favorite fun message to contemplate when it comes to food and eating:
Go Limp!
Relax yourself, your mind, and all you’re thinking and believing.
Put down the books, scales, measuring devices and planners.
See what happens (it’s really good).

We’ll be starting the next 3 month online program on February 22nd to learn all the inner factors at play around eating issues of any kind, whether you just want to lose some weight, stop nighttime overeating, or quit having bulimic episodes (I did them all).
For more about this contemplative and full program, visit Eating Peace Online.
Much love,

2 Replies to “Eating Peace: Go Limp”

  1. Yay! I would love to have you in the Eating Peace program. I had great insight and comfort with 12 steps initially, but the “gray sheet” became very very jail-like after a couple of years :) Everyone has their own path and freedom is possible for everyone, no matter how long you’ve been struggling. One step at a time, baby steps! I look forward to meeting you.–Much love, Grace

  2. Dear grace…I so enjoy your work around food…I would like to do the next three months with you…when ever I allow for pleasure with foods such as chocolate…it feels like I will never stop!!! I do not want to ho back to food jail…weighing and measuring following a strick food plan ..which I have done since 1986…I love …loving what is…I know all this food insanity started with …I am bad…if I eat this…I will show you how bad..I will eat the whole bag…then I will show you how really bad I will puke it all up..I have been doing 12 step program. Since 1986..I just want peace..blessings…suzanne

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