Eating Peace: I Feel Like Eating Because….

How do some people heal from eating battles, concerns with food and weight, or thoughts and cravings for food?

What’s the difference between someone who gets over it once and for all, and someone who goes back to eating in a way that feels self-destructive, or who gains and loses weight over and over?

The most common attempt to solve the problem of compulsive behavior around food is diet and exercise.

This may help, but people often stop right there and don’t continue to explore all the elements that make the “storm” of off-balance eating.

For me, the only answer to true healing from eating troubles….

….to become someone who no longer has any need to overeat, binge, starve themselves on purpose, gain weight, or attempt to control themselves with diets….

….is a deep form of self-inquiry.

You might say “seriously?!” 


The place to begin is to see what you’re thinking, believing, and feeling about not just food, but life.

In the moments you feel worried, nervous, sad, enraged, furious or hurt….

….those are your moments for investigation.

Here’s where to begin this journey, and the great question to ask yourself when you feel like eating when you aren’t really hungry (or you’re completely stuffed).

Much love,

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