Eating Peace: If you binge, overeat, break your vow….do these two things

What happens when you do it again?

You Binged. Overate. Stuffed yourself slowly at a big party, with junk. Maybe you had seconds when one helping would have been plenty.

You find yourself in the place, maybe for the billionth time (you think), of having hurt yourself through eating, food, or compulsive behavior.

The usual results, the aftermath of a binge, is some form of violent thinking towards the self. The mind says ?You screwed up, you did it wrong. You’re a mess”. 

You sinned, you’re guilty, you deserve to be punished.

Then, the feelings of despair, confusion, and being waaaaay too small for this overwhelming problem become even bigger.

You feel even worse.

Maybe you think “why even bother trying?”

The cycle of violence around either controlling yourself, attacking yourself, punishing yourself makes you feel so horrible.

There are two things, very simple, that you can do if you’ve found yourself coming to after a binge, even if you’ve done it many times before.

First, give yourself some kindness for how frightened, powerless, empty or nervous you’ve been. Find some gentleness in your heart for being you. Soften to who you are.

Your eating comes out of disrupted emotions, at least mine sure did. Or some kind of emotional experiences I didn’t like.

Second, wait 24 hours. Don’t make plans, build up your army against your cravings, or do anything. Just get quiet, relax and slow down. Don’t binge eat or go off the food that works for you for 24 hours. You’ll feel so much better tomorrow. Everything can be different by taking a deep breath and waiting a day.

Much love,


2 Replies to “Eating Peace: If you binge, overeat, break your vow….do these two things”

  1. You are so very, very welcome Susanne. I deeply appreciate your beautiful words. Thank you for reading and being a part of it all. Much love, Grace

  2. Dear Grace,
    what a wonderful and deep sharing; THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I was able to listen. “The Soft overcomes the hard, The Gentle overcomes the rigid” spoke very much to me. This is my journey. I can see how hard and rigid my thinking is as opposed to my true nature which is soft and gentle. My focus is on to be soft and gentle in my thinking about me/my personality; I can see that I always did the best I could regardless the outcome (in my case a very rigid spine);my thinking about my body = my alarm clock. Thank you again, Grace, for your constant generosity in putting your wisdom from your journey into words.I get a lot out of it.Love to you, Susanne

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