Eating Peace: Are You Terrified of Being Hungry?

About ten years ago, I was on an elective fast for only 48 hours that was set up to be very supportive.

It was the first fast I had done with loving intention, ever.

It was also the first fast I had been a part of in 20 years. I had put fasting or starving myself down. I had ended denying my hungers and stopped the swing between gorging desperately, and starving myself in punishment. I had vowed never to diet again, long ago.

My old beliefs when I was still living with eating wars rather than eating peace were these: being hungry is good, being full is bad.

I had stopped such black and white thinking….especially about feeding myself delicious, nourishing food.

But when I went on that fast, after so many years of making sure I didn’t enter the “fasting/denying/starving” zone….

….I discovered something surprising.

I was terrified. Sheer terror. I thought I was going to die!!

I saw what I could do with these beliefs….and found peace.

Much love, Grace

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