Eating Peace: A Crazy Tool You Have Within You But You May Not Know It

Are you someone who doesn’t really go for the woo-woo solutions to real life problems?

Well…this tool for changing your relationship with eating can sound a little cray-cray.

But believe me, I’m not that crazy (only crazy in a good way).

This tool is genuine, powerful, and used by many cultures, religions, therapeutic modalities and processes of emotional healing for centuries.

It’s in you already, you just may need to develop it a little, spending a little more time using your imagination for love, not hate (primarily for yourself).

See how I did it here. Leave a comment to let me know how this tool works for you–I love hearing from you and reading your comments.

Love, Grace

2 Replies to “Eating Peace: A Crazy Tool You Have Within You But You May Not Know It”

  1. Oh, thank you for sharing. Remember, every binge shines a light on something you were thinking and feeling at the time–something important, scary or unresolved. You can give yourself compassion for eating, knowing it was the best you knew how to do at the moment…and you indeed have other options. But loving yourself after eating, as in being gentle–this is the first place to go. I always found binge behavior was energy, feelings, thoughts and belief getting acted out, trying to resolve themselves. It’s normal that you have something in you that tries to resolve these energies. Be extra kind after bingeing–the opposite of what we sometimes are after binge-eating! You can ask yourself “what was going on, honey, what were you afraid of?” and write out your answers. Then do The Work on what you find. Thank you for sharing, it is courageous of you to share your experience.–Love, Grace

  2. Hi Grace I have just watched your video about using the imagination, I wish I had watched it a few days ago before the easter holidays as I have just had a four day eating binge that left me feeling horrible,sad, fat and unwell I have now reigned it in and taken control but I am still fearful for the future I am 52 years old and still frightens of my own thoughts. I never truly feel happy but have so much to be happy for and I think food is the answer to everything

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