Doing The Work With Others Helps Bring It To Life

Breitenbush The Work of Byron Katie Retreat 2014
Breitenbush Retreat The Work of Byron Katie 2014

Here I go into retreat with a most amazing group of inquirers.

I always think everyone is amazing who shows up….they are so unique, wondering about life and themselves, very interested in their own minds.

The power of everyone gathered together with the intention to question stressful thinking creates a gorgeous, visceral, palpable energy.

Places people have been stuck or confused….

….just seem to get unstuck and more clear.

Like when a whole group of people help push a stalled car from stand-still to creeping a long just an inch, to moving faster….then everyone’s running alongside the car and it kick jumps into “on” again!

Cheers! Motor is running! We’re moving again!

So while I deep dive in with all these lovely people at Breitenbush, remember there’s more inquiry time coming….you can do it too.

Next Sunday, July 5th I’m offering a free opening session summer camp inquiry jam. It costs nothing. We’ll do The Work for 2 hours from  8-10 am Pacific.

Join by skype, phone, or your computer (if computer only you’ll be in listen-only chat mode without audio).

All you need to do is come with a pen and paper handy, and an open mind, and we’ll do The Work. It’ll be the kick off session for Summer Camp for The Mind, although it’s not required that you keep going for the entire inquiry blitz month, or even sign up.

Summer Camp For The Mind is doing The Work whenever you choose for 5 days a week (or one or two) from July 6 – August 7.

Here’s the daily schedule (plus there’s two more Sunday 2 hour inquiry sessions also online July 19 and August 2).

  • Mondays 10-11:30 am PT/1:00-2:30 pm Eastern/6 pm London
  • Tuesdays 5-6:30 pm PT/8-9:30 pm Eastern/8:00 am Australia 
  • Wednesdays noon-1:30 pm/3-4:30 pm Eastern/9 pm Europe
  • Thursdays 9-10:30 am/noon-1:30 pm/6-7:30 pm Europe
  • Fridays 7:00-8:30 am/10:30-noon Eastern/3:00 pm London

Read all about how it works right HERE.It’s sliding scale, so choose what you contribute from $97 – $297.

Can’t wait to do The Work with you!

“Inquiry is a way to end confusion and to experience internal peace, even in a world of apparent chaos. Above all else, inquiry is about realizing that all the answers we ever need are always available inside us. Inquiry is more than a technique: It brings to life, from deep within us, an innate aspect of our being. When practiced for awhile, inquiry takes on its own life within you. It appears whenever thoughts appear, as their balance and mate. This internal partnership leaves you free to live as a kind, fluid, fearless, amused listener, a student of yourself, and a friend who can be trusted not to resent, criticize, or hold a grudge. Peace and joy naturally, inevitably, and irreversibly make their way into every corner of your mind, into every relationship and experience….You used to hurt and now you don’t.” ~ Byron Katie in Loving What Is 

Join me on July 5th or in Summer Camp For The Mind and with the help of the group, attention and inquiry….bring to life the innate aspect of your being that’s unhurt, and free.

Much love,

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