Do The Work Right Now

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Quick summary:

Step One:

Fill out the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet. Consider one situation where you were really upset–and focus on this one experience as you answer the questions. Don’t edit yourself. This is a place to get your judgments and hurt down on paper. Download the JudgeYourNeighbor_Worksheet.

Step Two:

Write only one concept at a time on the One Belief worksheet at the top. Then answer every question in writing, always referring back to your one belief that you’re questioning. Download OneBelief worksheet.

Step Three:

Continue through your worksheet. If you get stuck or feel confused, this is very normal. Call the Help Line (free of charge) or hire a facilitator to help you question your beliefs (like me!)

Step Four:

Immerse yourself in The Work by attending a retreat and discovering all the beauty and freedom of investigation and unraveling of your own stressful beliefs with support, a group to help you, and skilled and experienced facilitators. Click HERE for all the ways to work with Grace. Visit to learn about the School for The Work and events with Byron Katie.

4 Replies to “Do The Work Right Now”

  1. Hi Brian, great to have you here and thanks for your comment. You might benefit from doing the one-week course I put together that gives you the basics of The Work step by step. You only need about 20 mins a day to go through each part. The other helpful thing is reading Loving What Is, or coming to a retreat. That really can click it in for some people. Love that you’re in 12 steps (it changed my life many years ago). To take the free email course, sign up here and it will automatically send you each step once a day every 24 hours:
    Much love, Grace

  2. I am interested in finding out more please. I am blown away by the transformations I have seen but I’m so confused on the whole process. Recovered AA and wanting to be closer to my higher power. Help!

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