Cancer Support

If you’ve experienced suffering, whether physical, emotional or mental….then The Work of Byron Katie can be a powerful tool for addressing your cancer.

Getting a cancer diagnosis can bring on tremendous emotional suffering. People feel their sense of mortality, the temporariness of life on earth, and all it may mean to suffer with illness including the anticipation of physical pain, or the anticipation of getting cancer again.

With the suffering comes many strategies for living, and some of these may also be difficult and painful to experience. People have the urge to keep their disease a secret, to try to think positively or differently, to fight or kill cancer, to be against or in favor of their caregivers or medical professionals. All kinds of thought and belief can come out of having cancer, whether past, present or future.

In this group, we’ll tackle and address the beliefs that appear around cancer, or life with cancer, or really…..any problem area of life that challenges an inner peace.

No experience is necessary in knowing The Work of Byron Katie, our primary tool for self-inquiry and discovery. We highly recommend that you read “Loving What Is” or listen to it on audiobook before attending the course, but everyone is welcome no matter what you know about inquiry, or where you are in the cancer journey.

Cancer Support Group 2016 Wednesdays 5:30-7:00 pm

Prefer solo sessions or have questions? Contact Grace Bell 206-650-1230 or Anil Coumar 206-925-2158 to speak with us about your participation in the cancer support group using The Work of Byron Katie.

More About Group Support:

If you are in current treatment, you are welcome to attend.

If you are anticipating treatment, you are welcome to attend.

Even if you are no longer in treatment, and fully in remission from a cancer disease, this is the place to deeply question any suffering around cancer and your interaction with it.

Fees: $50 per group (please commit to 4 consecutive group sessions minimum). This group is limited to 8 participants at this time. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accept insurance so simply ask you pre-pay $200 for 4 sessions. Please ask if you need financial assistance and we can talk about what might work.

Our location:

2113 NE 65th Street, Seattle, WA, 98115