Can You Await What The Stars May Bring?

you are made of the same substance as the stars

Since I’ve been teaching a course on Desire and The Work, I’ve been reflecting almost daily on the experience of desire, and questioning stressful belief.

The word desire originally comes from Latin meaning “await what the stars will bring”.

Desire, with this joyful definition, feels like a dance in the present moment.

But the word can conjure up a lot of distress and conflict.


…..desire leads to anguish.

Shouldn’t I try NOT to desire? Aren’t there BAD things that will hurt if I got them? Or destroy trust, or hurt other people?

I can’t just go stealing my neighbor’s television set, I mean….seriously. That would be WRONG.


Unrequited love, striving to achieve career success and exhausting yourself in the process, being practically violent to yourself in the gym or on a diet, controlling yourself from lust or cravings, feeling jealous of those who have what you’re sure you want.

What to do?

The thing I’ve found most illuminating is inquiry.

First….ask why you want what you imagine you want.

Not HOW you’re going to get it. Which is what the first question usually is, and the action follows that “how” without taking a breather.

The mind thinks “I want money, I want a good body, I want fame, I want enlightenment, I want to be with him/her, I want love, I want praise, I want this, I want that….” and then takes off trying to figure out how to get it.

Project Get.

What would it be like to be without the belief that you should have it exactly the way you want it?

What if it was fun to watch what you want fade, blaze up, fade again, and make no difference to your life at all?

What is desire….awaiting what the stars may bring….when you feel no stress about it?

What if what is here is not a problem, and neither is where you are going?

I find, every time, freedom to be exactly here (without the *thing* I think I want–like a million dollars–ha ha) is so beautiful, so exciting, so fun….

….the desire morphs into a compassionate peace beyond all belief.

And every time, I’m closer to the thing I wanted in the first place.

Which is love, joy, trust, silence.

Every time.

“Desires that destroy their subjects, or objects, or do not subside on satisfaction are self-contradictory and cannot be fulfilled. Only desires motivated by love, goodwill and compassion are beneficial to both the subject and object and can be fully satisfied…..The entire universe strives to fulfill a desire born of compassion.” ~ Nisargadatta

If you have something you want fulfilled, and you are suffering about it….

….begin to inquire.

Why do you want it? What would you have, if you had it? Are you sure you are unfulfilled without it?

Can you feel joy, ecstasy, mystery, happiness….before you acquire the thing you think you want?

Do it backwards.

Live the turnaround right now.

Enjoy being what you desire.

You can do this.

Much love,

4 Replies to “Can You Await What The Stars May Bring?”

  1. Sandra, delighted to hear from you! Thankyou so very much for writing! Love your sharing about “micro aggressions” –very funny the way this mind is against in varying degrees nearly anything, or has a propensity for having issue. So funny! Much love to you, Grace

  2. Dear Grace. Today’s Grace note I found particularly beautiful. And, by the way, the spacing format that you use a lot, like a breath between the thoughts, sorta, I find to be highly effective in helping my “getting it”. One more thought. I ran across a book title on Amazon referring to micro-aggressions. I went, Wow! That feels like what the work is helping me be more and more aware of. Mentioning it to a friend, she upped it to nano-aggressions, haha. Small and fleeting, almost undetectable. That’s it. I love you. I’m Sandra Smith. An old acquaintance, who came to your Goldilocks cottage for a weekend workshop during the winter on the bus a few years back and about froze my butt off. Haha. I’m in Bellevue and still living and loving the work. And back in car world using the bus only for fun. Yours, Sandra

  3. Ah yes. I have had this experience as well. You can let this feeling called “hopelessness” in–it’s there anyway. It is far lighter to let it be and not try to change it. Very odd, not the usual way which is generally “I must get rid of this.” Thanks for writing. Much love, Grace

  4. I woke up feeling hopeless, now I’m okay with it… Letting go of hope as just A desire. A good way to start my day!

    Thanks so much!


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