Can You Answer The Question: Is It True?

There is one spot left in today’s afternoon mini retreat in northeast Seattle: Ask Four Questions, Change Your Life (or Someone Else’s)…How To Find Freedom Within With The Work of Byron Katie.

You’ll learn how to facilitate yourself or someone else through the four powerful questions known as The Work, and what a difference it can make for those who are suffering.

If you can’t make it this time, I’ll do one more mini retreat on December 6th.

Therapists and coaches can earn 4 CEUs for attending. I provide very yummy snacks, teas, and all the materials. $70.

Talking about retreats and workshops reminds me of what it was like for me when I first encountered The Work.

The first time I heard that question….Is It True?….I was sort of stopped short.


What you talking about, is it true?

How the heck would I know?

It was almost like I was frustrated or annoyed with the very question.

I had no idea what was, or was not, true.

That was part of the problem!! Floundering around, without a rudder! Going in circles! Repeating the same thoughts over and over again!

But when I really looked beneath that irritable reaction….

….I discovered something very interesting.

I did not trust myself much. At all.

I didn’t realize that I actually had almost never stopped to ask me what I really thought about the things I was stressed out about in life.

My view of myself was that I was a clueless blob.

Except….not really.

What if you really were the only one who could answer that question about something that disturbs you or freaks you out….

….Is It True?

Is it real, what you’re thinking? Is it accurate? Do you have the whole picture? Are you sure you’re right? Are you positive?

If only YOU could say the final answer about what is happening that you don’t like in your life….whether you’ve lost something, missed out, failed, did it wrong, tanked, screwed up….

….what is your answer, really, when you deeply think about it?

Yes, or No?

And here’s what I love about The Work….

….even if you say “yes”, it is completely and absolutely true that it should have gone differently, I’ve failed, I lost, or whatever….

….you still get to ask who you’d be if you couldn’t think that thought was true?

What if it wasn’t? Can you use your imagination and give it a shot?

“Nothing happens ahead of its time, and what needs to happen, always happens.” ~ Byron Katie

Much love,Grace


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