Are You A Bump On A Pickle?

Pickle on a ForkMy three sisters and I used to spend many summers with my grandparents in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

It was hot as an oven outside and we swam constantly in their backyard pool.

Some afternoons, we came inside to the cool air conditioned house in the hottest part of the afternoon and listened to records or watched Bat Man.

My grandma used to say, if she saw too much lazin’ around, or TV watchin’ going on with our bloodshot eyes from so much swimming:

What are you, a bump on a pickle?

Sometimes, people will write to me and ask….

….but if I do The Work on everything, I’ll wind up a puddle on the floor and do nothing.

Like, ever.

I’ll blow away across the horizon like a speck of dust. I’ll accomplish nothing.

I won’t care if someone hits me, I won’t follow doctor’s orders, or I’ll never make a million dollars, or publish a book.

They ask “don’t you worry about losing all your vim and vigor, your drive or passion, or your will?”

Well, I’ve had this thought myself, in the past.

If I really relax entirely, end this battle with all the little movements of life, and give in to what is….

….I’ll be nothing, do nothing, achieve nothing, desire nothing.

People get images of themselves never leaving difficult relationships, giving up on their dream of completing something creative, not sticking up for themselves or for others they care about.

But who would you be without the belief that who you are naturally, without having concern with reality in your mind, is a puddle of mush?

Who would you be without the thought its dangerous to give up being concerned?

Who would you be without the belief you have to make an effort, you have to “try”, you need to get somewhere, and you better be workin’ hard, dang it!?!

Are you sure you’d be a passive pile of nothingness?

Lately, I’ve noticed more than ever how life magnificently works itself out, dances and moves without me controlling things.

This includes ME not needing to control MYSELF!

Yes, a weird concept.

Who would you be without your belief that truly resting means you’re a bump on a pickle?

“When you follow the simple way of it, you notice that reality holds all the wisdom you’ll ever need. You don’t need any wisdom of your own. Plans are unnecessary. Reality always shows you what comes next, in a clearer, kinder, more efficient way than you could possibly discover for yourself.” ~ Byron Katie

Take a moment and feel how you are OK, and you are supported right now, as you read these words.

You are so wonderful, just the way you are, right now.

Don’t try to change.

Everything will be OK.

I think my grandma may have asked the best question ever. The answer is “yes”….I am a bump on a pickle.

In a good way.

Much loveGrace

4 Replies to “Are You A Bump On A Pickle?”

  1. Grace,
    Thank you so much for this. So often a Grace Note arrives just when I need it.

    Thank you!


  2. How fabulous to hear from you David, thankyou so much for sharing. I love that you’re a People House graduate!! I loved my work there, so helpful. Very sweet to hear you had dinner with Pat in Denver! I have also found Sedona Method super useful. Many blessings and thanks for reading. Much love, Grace

  3. Hello Grace, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your writing and musings and your incredible willingness to put it all out there. I can relate so much to your story and journey.
    I too am a People House and Facilitator Training alumni and it is great to see your progress and success. I did the training in ’97 and then ended up on the Board of Directors. I’m still in touch with Pat Pendleton and had dinner with her and Wayne Tittis last October in Denver.
    My story is similar to yours in that I am a “recovering perfectionist” and have done lots of different therapy and self-help programs over the years. I love Byron Katie’s work, it and the Sedona Method have been very helpful in my own progress of healing, understanding and self-acceptance. You’re awesome – David

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