About Grace

GraceBellLOOK9-2013_1024My service is to help facilitate you understanding difficult relationships and behaviors (like overeating, never having enough money, arguing, feeling inadequate), and to make peace with your perceptions of troubling experiences you’ve had in life.


By helping you question and unravel your stressful thinking. Questioning your thoughts, with deep personal inquiry, can change your entire life.

It’s actually my mission for myself. To question all that I’ve ever believed that hurts….and discover peace and love no matter what has happened before now. And woah, did I ever have a lot to work on in my life to change my mindset and transform my behaviors from self-destructive to full of love for life.

Here are some personal experiences I had to “work” on to reach a completely new understanding and my journey of discovery:

  • moved away from the home I knew and loved (Kansas…there really was no place like home) at age 8
  • uprooted with my three sisters by my parents to live in Africa for an entire year when I was 15, living in South Africa with apartheid, meeting Desmond Tutu before he was famous, lying in a hut in Kenya in extreme heat, driving for hours in muddy unpaved roads in Lesotho and Swaziland with my dad at the wheel
  • boyfriend breaking up with me, me breaking up with boyfriend
  • father dying from leukemia
  • starting to feel obsessed with thinness, and food, and eating, and weight….which turned into bulimia and two years of anorexia
  • visiting twelve step meetings and joining
  • leaving home for college, with huge anxiety….dropping out within the first year when I was a freshman and returning to my family home (much to my parents’ disappointment and concern)
  • group therapy, family therapy
  • getting obsessed with human behavior, and where and why it goes wrong
  • marrying by best friend
  • finishing my bachelor’s degree
  • graduate school in Applied Behavioral Science
  • having two babies
  • discovering The Work of Byron Katie
  • divorcing, much to my shock and surprise
  • learning to parent by making all the mistakes….and then inquiring
  • healing my addictive behaviors, ending my compulsions around food and eating permanently
  • beginning to meditate in earnest
  • losing all my money and possessions (almost)
  • diagnosed with sarcoma cancer in the skin
  • marrying a second time
  • building a business facilitating people, slowly but surely becoming more and more successful
  • huge betrayal from a friend based on false/mistaken evidence
  • creating a podcast
  • starting Grace Notes (free blog posts)
  • creating Eating Peace Process based on my own personal experience
  • continuing to do my own work, daily

If you experience sadness, anger, fear or worry about anything in your life; money, your body, a relationship, your work, your family, death, disease, loss….then you are believing thoughts that probably aren’t really true for you, and don’t serve you.

I help you get unstuck from turmoil by asking you simple questions, known as The Work of Byron Katie, a form of inquiry that dissolves all the stress in the world and turns the war you are having in your life, into peace.

“I have a disease—is that true? You can either scare yourself or you can question your mind.” Byron Katie

I facilitate you loving your life again without people or circumstances needing to change to make you happy. It takes too much work (and is impossible, by the way) to change stuff out there. It IS possible to change your thinking.

You can find a sense of clarity and peace, right here, right now. When you feel clear, your actions become efficient, wise and very, very creative.

I know, because it happened to me. I’ve felt abandoned, betrayed, hurt, criticized, attacked, diseased, terrified, lost everything, despaired, been suicidal, full of regret, depressed, enraged….and now every time I do the Work I experience humor, surrender, and gratitude. And I’m super creative and excited about my life almost every single day. Seriously. I never thought this could be true.

“I am upset because I see something that is not there”—A Course In Miracles

When you take this inquiry to heart, it is a profound tool that brings mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness to anyone, no matter your life circumstances….and maybe even more importantly, sparks your actions into powerful, new, and supportive.

“Not even knowing what’s true—just knowing what’s NOT true is enough, because what that leaves is the great surprise. And all you can know about it is its nature. And so, you begin to live a fearless existence…” Byron Katie

It’s simple enough that even a child can do it. All it takes is an open mind.

Come do The Work and get results you can really use, that you don’t ever have to lose: freedom, peace of mind, joy.

All you have to be willing to do is imagine who you would be without your painful stories.

“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”—Eckhart Tolle

My sincere commitment is to walk through the muck with you, as a companion on this journey, and discover how to be at peace with your life. Amazing things can happen from there.